Live Performance Coaching

Live performance coaching is about connecting with your audience and making them feel what you want them to feel about the song, the moment, and the show.

We have over a decade of experience with one-on-one and customized full-band coaching.  Our coach can work with you or your band to perfect your sound, your setlist and the way you perform your songs.  From getting the band sounding tight to designing moments that move your audience in an unforgettable way, we can help you create a show that converts audience members into fans.

What Will We Work On?

Depending on where you are starting from in your performance career and where your strengths already lie, we may work on:

  • Use stage movement to communicate
  • Looking and feeling more confident and professional
  • Arranging your songs for live performance
  • Building an engaging set list
  • Song intros
  • Stage banter
  • Your band’s creative process
  • Creating emotional “moments” in your songs
  • How to work with your songs so they don’t all sound the same
  • How to get more applause
  • Making your songs more catchy
  • How and when to bail
  • Audience direction and misdirection
  • Improving your stage banter
  • Improving transitions between songs

How Do We Work?

Solo performers:  Either book a private session (usually one hour, but it can be longer if you wish), or come to a group class.

Bands:  Best to book at least a couple of hours or a half day.  Most bands start losing energy and attention span after 6-7 hours.

Where Will We Work?

We offer one-on-one coaching and full-band coaching at our Denver studios or, for full bands, your rehearsal space.

We can work online with lineups such as solo artists and duos, but not bands that include a live drummer.


Your Coaches

Justin Long, Joe Mondragon, and Adrienne Osborn all teach performance skills. Adrienne is certified in the Tom Jackson Live Music Method (Taylor Swift) and Joe is also intimately familiar with the Live Music Method concepts. Justin has analyzed his and others’ performances at thousands of shows over the past 35 years of performing and running sound, and developed core stage performance concepts that are both universally applicable and flexible depending on the artist. $100-$500