Voice Lessons

Singer hitting a high note
Singer hitting a high note

Top-Notch Training For Modern Vocalists

Vocal styles change.  Today’s singers sound nothing like opera singers, musical theatre singers of the 40’s, or even pop singers of the 70’s.  

Vocal instruction has evolved to match.

Classical techniques have their place, but modern vocalists who take classical voice lessons often don’t end up sounding like they want.

To help our clients develop the voices inspired by their favorite pop, rock, blues, R&B, country, metal, Latin, and musical theatre singers, we use modern, healthy, science-based vocal methods created by contemporary commercial voice pioneers.

Our experienced educated teachers – who all sing contemporary music themselves – understand that modern vocal styles can and do break classical rules, because individual artistic expression takes precedence.

Whether you or your child are looking for online or in-person instruction, private or group lessons, or a study-at-home membership site, we have something for you.

Learn How To…

  • Sing across your whole range without a break 
  • Sing higher and lower than you can now
  • Get more power and resonance with less strain and tension
  • See consistency in your voice, from note to note and day to day
  • Improve tone
  • Be more expressive and artistic
  • Sing appropriately for your genre and personality
  • Polish pitches, riffs, and runs
  • Harmonize
  • Develop your unique sound

All of our faculty members are active working musicians, so our clients get real-life training and education in what it means to be an artist in today’s musical landscape.

Singer smiling at audience

In-Person Private Voice Lessons

Customized private instruction in our Colorado studios

  • Privacy in our sound-proofed studios
  • Sing through a PA
  • Nail Every Note membership included for free

Online Private Voice Lessons

Customized, convenient, and time-saving online lessons

Online lesson

Or, contact us for more information


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