Voice Lessons

Voice is one of the hardest instruments to teach.  Unlike every other instrument, each singer begins at a different starting point and has different ingrained vocal habits.  Plus, the voice is inextricably intertwined with emotion and ego in ways that no other instrument is not.  To make things even harder, you can’t see your instrument!  All these reasons are why we place a special emphasis on top-notch vocal instruction at Performance High.

Our clients make quick progress with healthy vocal instruction in all commercial genres from rock to musical theatre.  We integrate cutting-edge voice science discoveries disseminated through the International Voice Teachers of Mix, while also incorporating both classical and speech-level-singing techniques that have taught generations of vocalists to sing. We find that the same approach doesn’t work for everyone, so we tailor our approach to each client’s needs, strengths, and goals.

We work with singers in all commercial genres:  pop, rock, R&B, electronica, jazz, country, blues, folk, musical theatre, and metal.  Different teachers have different wheelhouses, and we will fit you with someone who has similar interests, but we’re all versatile.  Genre-specific techniques diverge far above the common foundations of healthy commercial singing.

Take a look at our vocal instructors and see if you have a preference.  Or, just ask us for a recommendation.  

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What We Do in Voice Lessons

In your first lesson, you and your teacher will chat so we understand what you like and dislike about your voice, why you are taking lessons, and what you want to get out of them.  Then we’ll use vocal warmups and exercises to explore your voice and learn which areas you will benefit most from working on first.  We also like to hear you sing a song or two, since people often sing songs differently than they do exercises.

Depending on what your strengths are, we may work on things like:

  • Smoothing your break
  • Singing with power and resonance but less strain
  • Singing with more consistency from note to note and day to day
  • Improving tone quality
  • Being more expressive
  • Polishing pitches, riffs, and runs
  • Extending range
  • Harmonizing
  • Developing a unique sound
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Private Voice Lessons

Instruction vs. Coaching

A vocal instructor teaches you the technical aspects of how to sing – things like how to breathe, how to support and project, how to get pleasing tone and good resonance, and how to sing smoothly across your entire range.  A vocal coach helps you interpret your song, find your voice, make songs your own, and improve your performance.  

We all do both, and some teachers focus more on one or the other.  If you know what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll help select the teacher who’s the best fit for you.

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More Than Just Voice Lessons

Sure, we teach people how to sing.  But that’s really just the tool.  What we really teach is personal growth.  Belief in self.  Possibility.  Opportunity.  Change.  Crossing bridges.  And learning how to learn.  Adrienne talks about this in the video below.

Skype Lessons

Yes, some of us do Skype lessons.  We usually prefer to work with you in person if you’re nearby, but if not, we’re happy to meet online! 


Details on our Rates page.

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