Top-Notch Training For Contemporary Vocalists

We help our clients develop unique voices inspired by their favorite  singers using modern, healthy, science-based vocal methods.

Our highly experienced and educated teachers – who all sing and perform contemporary music themselves – understand how healthy contemporary singing differs from classical singing.

We have teachers who specialize in Pop/Rock (a wide umbrella that includes country, R&B, blues, and other mainstream genres), Musical Theatre, Latin/Spanish, and Screaming/Hard Rock. And yes – we do have a highly educated and experienced classical coach on staff as well!

Every vocal student on a monthly membership receives a free membership to Nail Every Note, Adrienne’s online resource for voice lessons, exercise tracks, and more.

Singer hitting a high note
Singer hitting a high note

A Focus on Continuing Education

We are involved with the International Voice Teachers of Mix, a pioneering organization that brings together voice scientists, medical professionals, and voice teachers to further knowledge of healthy and effective usage of the singing voice.

Our vocal teachers participate in both internal and external ongoing education to keep up with the rapid developments in vocal science advancements that have accelerated in the last couple decades. 

They also meet regularly to share techniques and help each other grow. 

Although we’re all active performers in the Colorado music scene, we are teachers because we love to help others reach their goals.


Learn How To…

  • Sing across your whole range without a break 
  • Sing higher and lower than you can now
  • Get more power and resonance with less strain and tension
  • See consistency in your voice, from note to note and day to day
  • Improve tone
  • Be more expressive and artistic
  • Sing appropriately for your genre and personality
  • Polish pitches, riffs, and runs
  • Harmonize
  • Develop your unique sound

All of our faculty members are active working musicians, so our clients get real-life training and education in what it means to be an artist in today’s musical landscape.

In-Person Private Voice Lessons

Customized private instruction in our Colorado studios

  • Private lessons in our sound-proofed studios
  • Sing through a PA
  • In-person connection

Online Private Voice Lessons

Customized, convenient, and time-saving online lessons

Online lesson $40-$100