If you want to be an artist, songwriting skills are at the core of your career.  Without good songs, there is no career!

True, some artists don’t write their own songs. But most successful artists today do at least co-write their songs.  We’re in the business of maximizing your chances of success, and you are more likely to be successful if you have songwriting skills.


Girl songwriting

We can help you learn:

  • How to identify song sections, song structures and arrangements.
  • A song analysis method that will help you understand what makes great songs work.
  • Various strategies to find ideas and themes for your own original songs.
  • The basics of lyric writing: narrative, point of view and tense.
  • An easy music theory method to help you write chord progressions and spice up basic songs.
  • How to use melodic structure and repetition to write catchy melody lines.
  • How to jumpstart your creativity and write when you are uninspired.
  • The most important part of song writing: the editing process.

“Prior to working with Justin, Jacob spent a year under the instruction of a very well-known song writer with multiple contributions to his credit on several gold and platinum records. After a year, I noticed that Jacob’s passion for song writing dwindled and he had not made much progress, so we decided to schedule some sessions with Justin.

After three sessions with Justin, Jacob seemed to have a spark and passion about song writing that never existed before. I am not sure exactly what it was, but all of the sudden, Jacob was spending a lot of time writing on his own.

“Jacob says that Justin is ‘fun, patient, kind, helpful and easy to talk to. He listens when I talk and explains things in a way that I understand them.’ My son has received a lot of music industry instruction in the past. I must say that I am amazed at what Justin has done with my child and I emphatically recommend him.” – John Larson

How to Get Started

  • Our artist development coach Justin, as well as many of our voice/instrument coaches such as Joe and RaeLynn, also teach songwriting.  
  • We also offer multi-week songwriting classes once a year. $100-$500