Our Promise To You

To help you feel confident about choosing Performance High Voice and Music Studio, here’s our promise to you:

You will see progress from your very first voice lesson.

That’s bold. How can we promise that? Here’s how…

Our #1 core value is Growth – and that means not just growth for our clients, but for us too. We engage in continuing education, internal training, and mutual mentorship. And our lead coach, Adrienne Osborn, is one of only a handful of carefully selected Mentor Teachers recognized by the International Voice Teachers of Mix.

Another of our core values is Integrity. To act with integrity, we provide value that exceeds the price.

Our other core values of Community, Fun and Positivity, Nurturing, and Curiosity make the growth process fun, enjoyable, and safe.

And finally, our Goal/Growth Process – or How to PH – keeps you moving on a constant cycle of setting goals, meeting them and raising the bar – at your pace and in the direction of your goals.

We’ll be excited to discuss what you learned when we follow up after your first lesson. 

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