Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Book

  • Yes.   We’ve worked with kids as young as 4, although to be honest, there are other programs better suited for very young children.  We’re best with kids 8 and up.
  • Yes – we teach pop, rock, country, R&B, metal, jazz, musical theatre, and more, although not all teachers teach all styles.  (If you’re serious about opera, we do have teachers in all locations with classical training who can get you started, but you’ll probably want to go elsewhere once you have a good foundation.) 
    We’ll match you with a teacher who fits what you want to do, and you can always switch if you like.
    We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.  We do ask for a card on file to protect against no-shows and reduce lesson time spent on admin.  We run monthly charges on the 1st for monthly and term payments.  We run daily charges in the morning for one-by-one lessons.
    We have someone available seven days a week, though not all teachers in all locations.  You can see who works when, where, here.

Before Your Lesson

  • If you’ve never had voice lessons before, you might have questions about what they’re like and how to prepare. Here’s a video to answer those questions, with the outline below in text if you prefer to read.

    • Most teachers will start off talking with you at your first lesson for a few minutes to get to know you, your goals, your learning style, your experience level, etc. (If you have a half hour lesson, we’ll shorten this part.)
    • Usually we’ll do some warmups so we can start to understand your voice and to warm it up.
    • Sometimes we’ll also try some exercises that test or challenge you.
    • After that, we’ll sing songs you want to sing.
    • It’s best if you have an idea of a song or two (or more) you’d like to work on.
    • It’s good to have one song that’s easy for you, and one song that is more of a challenge that you’d like to use as a vehicle for learning.
    • All that said, your lesson time is yours to use as you like. Just let your teacher know.
    • If you are an experienced singer, you can come warmed up to reduce the time spent on warmups. Just let your teacher know when you arrive.
    • If you have an audition coming up, it’s best if you start thinking about song choices in advance. We can help, but we’ll make more progress faster if you have given it some thought.
    • If you know which song(s) you want to work on, and if they are musical theatre songs, it’s helpful but not required to bring sheet music, which you can get in music stores or at (If you’re singing pop/rock, many teachers do not use sheet music.)
  • If you’re nervous about your voice lesson…

    Congratulations. You are normal!

    In all seriousness, I just want to send a note of encouragement.

    You have a goal or dream… don’t let a few silly nerves get in the way.

    • It’s normal to be nervous! I’ve been teaching for a decade and I was nervous when I went to the first lesson with my most recent mentor not long ago!
    • We are encouraging and supportive, not judgmental.
    • Voice lessons are a safe space.
    • If you’re extremely nervous, tell your teacher and we can modify the lesson in ways to make you more comfortable.
    • Remember – we are just here to help!
  • Here’s a quick review of our 72-hour cancellation policy. More details can be found in the policy packet.

    • Our 72-hour cancellation policy is much more flexible than that at most music studios.
    • We do understand that illness doesn’t always happen three full days in advance, so we’ll usually give you some leeway there… unless it starts happening frequently.
    • We will not waive charges or give credits for late cancellation due to transportation or work issues – we expect you to work those issues out yourself.
    • If you have a little bit of a cold or congestion, there’s still plenty of good work we can do in a voice lesson, so do come!
    • If you have any questions about your specific situation, just ask.

After Your Lesson

  • I mentioned we have a lot going on. Well, for one thing I’d like to encourage you to come to a social hangout. First drink or snack is on me!

    Here’s how to stay in touch and find out how to get involved in whatever looks the most fun to you.

    • We have so much going on that it can sometimes be too much to communicate through our newsletters!  So here are other ways to get involved in whatever sounds fun to you…
    • To get into showcases, keep an eye out for the email we send to the current client base every time we open registration.  If you don’t see the email, contact us!
    • If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for a showcase, ask your teacher.  We have other lower profile performance opportunities too!
    • Our calendar on the website has a list of everything going on – classes, hangouts, showcases, etc.
    • Our Facebook page also has event listings.
    • If you’re in a class and you’d like to continue with private lessons, we usually do offer a discount for students who continue with lessons after class.  Just ask.
    • We’d love to see you at our social hangouts!  No pressure, no performance, just chillin’. First drink or snack is on us.  See the calendar.
    We have performance opportunities for both newer and more experienced performers, about once a month.  Ask your teacher if you’re ready to perform.  For more information and to register for a showcase, go to the Showcase page.
  • The Legend Makers are the Performance High showcase band, but for the rest of the world.  There are a few differences between the two:
    Performance High Showcases:  Open only to current Performance High clients with teacher approval.  Pick any songs, any key, any arrangement. You get two rehearsals with multiple runs through each song to make sure you have enough time with the band to make sure every song is solid.  No karaoke lyrics displayed.  $50/song for full band accompaniment.  
    The Legend Makers: An anything-goes, rockin’ good time open to everyone, client or not!  Pick a song from our growing song list.  You must sing in the original key, with the original arrangement.  Come to a rehearsal and run your song once – or, just show up the night of.  Karaoke lyrics ARE displayed on a floor monitor.  No fee, aside from the cover to get into the venue.
    Some students choose to perform their more obscure favorites with the showcase band, and perform popular songs with The Legend Makers to save money.  Both are great ways to get stage time!
  • We do live in Colorado where snow is a fact of life, so we don’t cancel lessons every time it snows a couple inches.  But once in a while we do get a serious snow day where the weather service recommends avoiding travel if at all possible.  On those days we want everyone to stay safe!

    Here’s what to do on serious snow days.

    • Contact your teacher to see if you want to keep the lesson, reschedule, or cancel.  Skype and FaceTime can be an option if you want to keep the lesson but stay home. 
    • If you are paying monthly or by the term and can’t reschedule, we can either credit you one lesson worth on your next payment, or refund one lesson worth from your last payment.  It’s easier for us to credit forward, so that’s what we prefer.  But if you aren’t planning on continuing next month, we’ll issue a pro-rated refund.  Let RaeLynn know your preference at
    • If you are taking a class, the class will likely be rescheduled.  Reach out to your teacher if you haven’t heard from him/her first.

    If you have any questions or have trouble getting ahold of your teacher, please contact us at 720-772-7505 or

    Stay safe and warm! $40-$100