Why We’re Here

It’s simple.

We’re here to make the world a better place.

Our studio owner, Adrienne, left a lucrative IT career in the mid-2000’s because she couldn’t get behind the company mission of helping large businesses make more money.  She felt a deep call to do something to make her corner of the world better.

She found her purpose in 2009 when she started teaching a next-door neighbor how to sing. As more clients sought her out, she loved learning how to work with diverse voices and seeing students stand taller as they achieved something new.

As word spread and her studio grew to include additional teachers, she was fierce about giving employees respect and generous pay. Her vision was to build a rare music school where talented teachers who could have their own studios, preferred to work. This way, a hand-picked group of top-notch talent could offer clients more resources, knowledge, and opportunities than they could alone – and they could focus on teaching, rather than running a business. The first two teachers she hired are still at Performance High today, over a decade later.
Over the last decade and a half, Performance High has grown into community where everyone – owner, teachers, and clients – is on a journey to become their best selves. Teachers share knowledge, support each other, participate in continuing education, and are active in the Colorado music scene. Students try new songs and instruments, get on stage, make friends in music, write new songs, and spread their wings.  We cheer each other on as we become who we’re meant to be.
This local, woman-owned, non-franchised studio with its culture of respect, trust, and inclusion has become a highly sought after place by both employees and clients.  People of all ages, all ability levels, and with all types of musical goals thrive at Performance High – as long as they’re here to grow.
It all comes back around to making a better place.  Whether it’s facing the fear of singing in front of people, drilling a new skill, or digging deep to figure out who we really are, music challenges us to look inward and become better people.
And better people make better friends, family, and community members… which makes a better world.
Will you join us?
The band Adrienne O headlining the Gothic Theatre, 2015 (Adrienne started her music career at age 33)
The band Adrienne O headlining the Gothic Theatre, 2015 (Adrienne started her music career at age 33)

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