Instrument Lessons

Performance High offers piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, and drum lessons – and then performance opportunities and bands so you or your child can enjoy playing and performing with other people.

No matter which band instrument you or your child choose, we have experienced instructors who love making learning fun, playful and immediately rewarding.

Piano/Keyboard Lessons

From accompanying singers to playing in bands to immersing yourself in the challenge of classical pieces, piano offers endless possibilities for growth. 

With a few basic chords under your hands, you or your child can collaborate with singers at a showcase, write original songs, or join one of our free monthly jams! 

Or, if you’d like to pursue advanced piano, a lifetime of joyful learning awaits.  We have teachers to take you as far as you want to go comping from lead sheets, reading sheet music, and playing classical piano.

Keyboard skills are essential to modern music recording. Once you can play keyboard, you can play all instruments in music editing software.  

Guitar Lessons

Guitar is portable and accessible, and easy to start!  You can grab your guitar and play anywhere – no need for power or amplification. 

Beginning students start with basic chords they can play right away, often playing a song in the very first lesson.  Advanced players can how to use modes and alt scales to find new options, fine-tune articulation to make solos really sing, and build solos that crescendo to cheers from the crowd.

Whether you or your child would like to sing around a campfire, play rhythm guitar in a band, or break your lead soloing out of the pentatonic box, we have teachers to make the process fun and fruitful – and lots of performance opportunities for you to shine!

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is soaring in popularity because it’s easy to learn, easy to transport, very accessible, and it’s fun right away!

With just a few weeks to pick up basic chords, you or your child will be able to play hundreds of popular songs, accompany singers (including yourself), and even start writing original songs!

It’s a great first instrument for new musicians, especially kids.  And for further growth down the road, it transitions easily to guitar.

Whether you’d like to sing around a campfire, write your own songs, or accompany yourself at our showcases, we have teachers to make the process fun and fruitful – and lots of performance opportunities for you to shine!

Bass Lessons

Bassists are the “puppet masters” of the rock band.  No one realizes it, but the bassist is really the band leader!  The bassist has total control over telling the rest of the band where to go next. 

Start playing bass and you can play at our monthly jams, accompany at one of our acoustic showcases, or even join one of our student bands! 

It doesn’t take long to learn enough bass to start grooving – and bassists are always in high demand.  If you want to join a band, bass is a great way to go!

Drum Lessons

Drums are the heartbeat of any song.  Drums and bass shake hands to build a groove and give soul to a song. 

Within a few weeks or months, you can have a basic rock groove down and sit in at our jams!  But don’t stop there – keep going to learn rudiments, fills, and a variety of grooves.  Drums offer a lifetime of learning.

And good drummers are in high demand!  Learn to play drums and you can jam at our monthly sessions, join a student band, or join the local music scene.

Drum lessons are available only at our Denver location

Discovery Lessons

Discovery Lessons

Not sure whether guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, or drums is the right choice? Don’t decide – just play around!  You or your child can try all instruments before deciding to focus on one for a while.

Several of our instructors teach multiple rock band instruments (bass, drums, keys, and guitar), so you can even try multiple instruments in a single lesson if you want to!

And even when you do decide, you can always change your mind again later!

Contact us to book a Discovery Lesson. $100-$500