How We’re Different

You have a lot of choices in music schools. How are we different?

1. Expert Contemporary Vocal Coaching That Gets Results

2. A comprehensive variety of services for growing artists

3. A fun, supportive, engaged, collaborative community

4. Individualized, personalized support

Expert Contemporary Vocal Coaching That Gets Results

We mean every word of it.

Expert: All our teachers have over a decade of experience as vocal coaches, OR have gone through a rigorous in-house training program designed by owner and mentor coach Adrienne. 

Contemporary: Our focus is on popular styles of music – everything from jazz to metal. We understand genre differences and help clients sound how they want – whether that’s pop or rock belting, indie-folk whispering, metal screaming, twangy country, or anything else.

Vocal: Our biggest strength is in developing singers and front-people. And, we do have stellar teachers for all the band instruments, too – so our vocalists can expand, accompany themselves, and play in bands.

Coaching: We aren’t just instructors of singing mechanics – though we have that down pat. We are also coaches, mentors, friends, and cheerleaders. We help you reach your goals as a growing artistic person.

That Gets Results: Our methods work. Clients who haven’t had success elsewhere are often surprised at the progress they make at Performance High in the very first lesson.

A fun, supportive, engaged, collaborative community

Pop-In Choir is a great place to sing casually with other people, learn to sing in harmony, and make friends.

Bands are a place you can grow as a singer and musician supported by others who are also learning, get experience playing with other people, make friends in music, and play shows.

Showcases are fun, supportive events where you get to show off that song you’ve been working on, backed by a live professional band and cheered on by an enthusiastic audience.

Group classes are a great way to learn about a specific topic you’re interested in, and meet others with similar interests.

Jams and karaoke hangouts are a casual place to make music even if you’re a beginner. Bring a friend! They’re free! 

Our online communication hub, MightyNetworks, helps you stay in touch with others involved in the same activities and the studio as a whole.

A Comprehensive Variety of Services for Growing Artists

We have so much more than just private voice lessons!


As a private-lesson member, you get free access to a huge library of on-demand video voice lessons created by owner and mentor teacher Adrienne. 
And after you get settled in with your first few experiences at Performance High, our Client Concierge Kristin will reach out to make sure you know about the opportunities that most interest you.
  • Pop-in Choir
  • Bands
  • Showcases
  • Recording and Production
  • Artist Development
  • Artist Wellness
  • Instrument Lessons
  • Classes, seminars, workshops
  • Jams, karaoke, hangouts
  • Nail Every Note online video lessons (free with membership)
  • Free resources in MightyNetworks

Individualized, Personalized Support

We don’t have a vocal curriculum every client must follow.


Because every voice starts in a different place, and aims at a different destination.

We don’t spend time making you work on skills you already have, or you don’t need.

Beyond vocals, we provide individualized support by working toward YOUR goals, respecting your artist preferences and genre variations, and referring you to other internal or external experts as needed. $100-$500