Brand and Identity Development

When you have figured out the broad strokes of who you want to become as an artist, it’s time to start digging in and define the specifics. What’s your story?  What makes YOU unique among the thousands of other musicians competing for attention in this crowded music world?  Who will be eager to hear your music when you release it? 

We like to think of this part of the process as identifying the most unique and authentic thing about you, and then amplifying it a thousandfold.

We want to make you a beacon for your tribe.

There’s no room these days for duplicity or false facade.  Music listeners can spot a fake a mile a way.  We believe the best chance for your success is to build a brand on something that’s authentic about you.

This process involves questionnaires, discussion, and a bit of research.  It might take one session, but it is more likely to take a few.  The results include:

  • Your story (i.e. your bio)
  • Your wardrobe and style
  • Your brand elements
  • Your on-stage attitude
  • Your written tone of voice
  • Your song selections
  • Your shows
  • Your stances on things that matter to you
  • Your approach to social media
  • The audiences you are most likely to connect with

We don’t pick color palettes for you, shop for your new wardrobe, or do your graphic design.  But we help you figure out what you need to know before you do all that: 

How do you want the world to think of you?

Am I Ready to Develop My Brand?

If you have some good songs written and you can perform them, you might be ready to start developing a brand. 

If you haven’t yet written any songs, it’s a bit too soon for brand development.  You might start with songwriting instead. $40-$100