Our Team

When you work with us, you access the expertise of not just your teacher but of a whole team. We often consult with each other to get ideas for how to better serve our clients. 

All teachers are employees, background-checked, and active in the Colorado music scene. 

Adrienne Osborn

Founder, Owner, and Lead Vocal Coach

Adrienne is a certified Mentor Teacher for the International Vocal Teachers of Mix (IVTOM) who excels in teaching students how to sing in mix, to achieve a powerful voice with no break across their entire range. She loves training other vocal coaches and working with aspiring and working lead vocalists.   More info…

Genres: Pop, Rock
Services: Voice, Stage Performance
Locations: Denver, online
Especially great for: The science-minded, empty-nesters, vocal coaches, working musicians
Credentials: International Voice Teachers of Mix Mentor Teacher, Tom Jackson Stage Performance Coach, Neuro-Vocal Method, BS in Science, Technology and Society from Stanford University

#vocalcoach #popsinger #rocksinger #bassist #ivtom #neurovocalmethod #stageperformance #waterskiing #nature #hiking #trailrunning


Kristin Henry

Senior Vocal Coach, Community Development Manager

Kristin is an energetic, welcoming vocal coach with extensive classical training as a soprano, who crossed over to belt R&B, soul, and Motown for 20 years and counting. She combines technical knowledge with a whole-student approach, to create a safe space where singers can explore the possibilities of their instrument and discover their best, most authentic voice.  More info…

Genres: Pop, Soul, Musical Theatre, Classical
Services: Voice
Locations: Broomfield, online
Especially great for: Classical crossover singers, singers who need nurturing
Credentials: Vocal Performance and Music Education at West Chester University; Masters level vocal pedagogy at UC Boulder College of Music

#cognitivebehavioralvoiceteacher #recoveringoperasinger #popsinger #musicaltheatre  #classicalsinger #soulsinger #funksinger #belter #soprano #vocalscience  


Kristen Parsons

Senior Vocal Coach, Wellness Practitioner, Client Relationship Manager

Kristen has a passion for helping singers find their voices, whether it is through technical approaches or by using Reiki, EFT, or life coaching to help clients remove emotional blockages and negative beliefs that hold them back from loving their voices. She loves giving students both the technical tools and the emotional freedom they need to become the artists they dream of being.   More info…

Genres: Pop, Rock, Folk, Soul, Musical Theatre
Services: Reiki, Life Coaching, Artist Wellness, Voice
Locations: Broomfield, Denver, online
Especially great for: Singers and musicians who need healing
Credentials: PH-Certified Vocal Coach, Neuro-Vocal Method, Reiki Master/Teacher, EFT Tapping Master Practitioner – trauma specialist, Certified Life Coach

#voiceteacher #popsinger #folksinger #musicaltheatre #pianoteacher #wellnesscoach #reiki #reikimaster #energywork #healer #lifecoach #neurovocalmethod



Senior Vocal Coach, Music Instructor

RaeLynn is a versatile vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter who has played music professionally her entire life, as well as managed studios while teaching and performing full-time. RaeLynn loves to use music to build confidence and passion in her students to overcome fears and meet goals.   More info…

Genres: Pop, Latin, Soul, Musical Theatre
Services: Voice, Latin Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Songwriting
Locations: Denver, Broomfield, online
Especially great for: Latinx musicians, vocal health and injury, riffs and runs
Credentials: Southwestern AG University

#latinsoul #latinpop #soulsinger #popsinger #vocalhealth #songwriting #mariachi #salsa #ranchera #nortena #tejano #banda #musicatropical #musicatradicional #musicaltheatre #soulmusic #violin #viruela #guitar #guitarron #piano #ukulele


Joe Mondragon

Senior Vocal Coach, Music Instructor

Joe is a fun-loving teacher with almost 20 years of experience playing and a decade of experience teaching voice and all band instruments.  He loves helping students prepare for musical theatre auditions, learn to write original songs, sing with healthy modern vocal technique, move from musical hobbyist to professional musician – whether in a rock band or on a theatre stage.  More info…

Genres: Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Singer-Songwriter
Services: Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Songwriting, Theatre Acting, Musical Theatre Acting, Artist Development, Stage Performance, Auditions
Locations: Denver, Lakewood, Broomfield, online
Especially great for: Musical theatre fans, people who like to laugh, beginning through professional singers
Credentials: Musical Theatre at Pepperdine University, Music Industry Studies at UC Denver 

#pop #rock #musicaltheatre #songwriting #musictheory #guitar #piano #bass #drums #theatreauditions #acting #musicbusiness #stageperformance


Tyler Hall

Senior Vocal Coach, Mastering Engineer

Tyler Hall is a truly versatile vocalist and musician with performance experience in genres as diverse as collegiate a cappella, rock, pop punk, folk, and church worship – but his specialty is distorted vocals, whether they appear in rock or musical theatre.  He has covered vocal roles from tenor to bass, and musical roles as lead singer, guitarist, and bassist.  More info…

Genres: Rock, Pop, Pop Punk, Metal
Services: Voice
Locations: Denver, Broomfield, online
Especially great for: Distorted vocals and hard genres
Credentials: Music degree with emphasis on the recording arts from CU Denver 

#djent #metal #screaming #screamo #poppunk #rock #hardrock #vocalcoach


Morgan Lowe

Vocal Coach

Morgan is a certified teacher with Performance High who performs regularly with two of Colorado’s top tribute bands, Stone Beat Invasion and Sons of Genesis, with a Tina Turner tribute band on the way. She also has a big place in her heart for musical theatre. She loves encouraging singers to feel safe in exploring and developing their voices so they can tell their stories.  More info…

Genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre
Services: Voice
Locations: Denver, online
Especially great for: Songwriters, musical theatre fans, pop/rock singers
Credentials: Performance High Certified Vocal Coach, the Neuro-Vocal Method, BA in English Literature from CU Boulder 

#pop #rock #jazz #blues #musicaltheatre #beatles #rollingstones #vocalcoach #neurovocalmethod


Justin Leighton Long

Artist Development Coach, Producer/Engineer, Showcase Guitarist

Justin is a producer, engineer, and artist development coach with proven experience getting emerging artists signed to major labels.  He helps new artists gain confidence and develop stage skills, experienced performers to build powerful shows, and artists at all levels to strategize for success.  More info…

Services: Artist Development, Songwriting, Production, Recording, Mixing, Stage Performance
Locations: Denver, online
Especially great for: Aspiring, developing, and working artists
Credentials: Atlantic Records

#artistdevelopment #artistcoaching #stageperformance #songwriting #recordingengineer #producer #musicproduction #audioengineering 



Vocal Coach

With her years of experience as a public school K-8 special education teacher, and with an autistic relative in her close family, Emily knows how to adapt to different learning styles and rates of learning. She is patient and encouraging, creating safe spaces for her students. Emily loves musical theatre, dancing, a cappella, playing violin, and composing original orchestral pieces.  More info…

Genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre
Services: Voice
Locations: Broomfield, online
Especially great for: kids, teens, neuro-divergent people, musical theatre fans
Credentials: Performance High Vocal Coach Development Program

#pop #rock #jazz #musicaltheatre #violin #composer #orchestralcomposer #songwriter #publicschoolteacher #specialeducation #neurodivergence



Vocal Coach

Bria Rae loves singing in a healthy belt and teaching others to do the same.  She believes that with the right, consistent practice, anything can be learned… and then LOVED.  She also understands from personal experience that what we go through emotionally, mentally and physically in our daily lives can affect how we sing, and is comfortable helping her students get over those hurdles. 20% off Trial Lessons with Bria through August 31!  More info…

Genres: Pop, Folk
Services: Voice
Locations: Denver, Broomfield, online
Especially great for: Beginners, kids, teens, pop belters, singers who need encouragement
Credentials: Performance High Vocal Coach Development Program

#pop #rock #songwriter #vocalcoach


Ingrid Parker

Vocal Coach, Music Instructor

Ingrid Parker is a multi-talented musician and songwriter who has been teaching music for over 15 years to students of all ages across diverse demographics. Aside from Performance High, Ingrid also teaches music at several Boulder County schools. She plays 14 instruments and releases dark indie electronic pop under the moniker The TalismanMore info…

Genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz
Services: Voice, Brass Instruments
Locations: Broomfield, online
Especially great for: kids, teens, beginners, people who want to play any instrument
Credentials: BA in Music Education from University of Arizona; Master’s in Instrumental Coaching from Sam Houston State University; Performance High Vocal Coach Development Program

#pop #rock #jazz #indiepop #electronicpop #brassinstruments #hornplayer #songwriter #publicschoolteacher #vocalcoach 


Paul Romig-Leavitt

Vocal Coach, Band Coach

Paul is a versatile and accomplished artist known for his work in various creative fields, including music, film and theater.  Paul is a producer and director of short films and plays, and his work has been seen around the country by over 500k people. More info…

Genres: Pop, Rock, Christian Contemporary
Services: Voice, Beginning Piano, Beginning Guitar
Locations: Broomfield, Denver, online
Especially great for: kids, teens, beginners, worship teams
Credentials: BA in Music from Colorado Christian University; Performance High Vocal Coach Development Program

#pop #rock #christiancontemporary #worship #theater #vocalcoach 


Alice Alister

Music Instructor

Alice loves working with middle elementary students through older adults, teaching bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums. Alice also enjoys teaching how to play loop-based music, and how synthesizers and drum machines work.   More info…

Genres: Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Folk
Services: Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano
Locations: Denver, online
Especially great for: Music theory junkies, electronic music fans
Credentials: Jazz bass performance and audio engineering at the Lamont School of Music in Denver, Performance High Vocal Coach Development Program

#pop #jazz #electronicmusic #irishfolkmusic #bass #guitar #drums# #piano #looping #nonbinary #queer #musictheory


Wendy Woo

Guitar and Songwriting Instructor

Wendy Woo is a highly respected and accomplished musician who has shared the stage with notable musicians such as Carly Simon and Sheryl Crow. As a professional musician for over two decades, her expertise in the industry has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades, her music has been featured on various TV shows and movies, and she has been recognized as one of the best songwriters in the Colorado music scene.    More info…

Genres: Folk, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Pop
Services: Guitar, Songwriting, Music Theory
Especially great for: Singer-songwriters
Location: online

#pop #rock #folk #jazz #blues #funk #songwriter #guitar #musictheory



Band Coach, Musical Director

Nate is a bassist, bandleader, and educator with a Bass Performance degree from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s in Jazz Performance & Pedagogy from CU Boulder. He plays everything from orchestral indie pop at Red Rocks Amphitheater to jazz and neo soul at intimate clubs like Dazzle. ​As our showcase musical director and band coach, he supports our clients, making them feel welcome and helping them navigate the challenges of performing with a live band.

#professionalbassist #bassinstructor #sessionbassist #musicaldirector


Ryan Elwood

LM Ryan

Showcase Drummer

Ryan is a highly sought-after drummer and drum instructor with over 20 years of performing and teaching experience, playing styles as varied as blues, funk, rock, pop, country, and jazz. As Performance High’s showcase drummer, he supports our clients with professional performance on every song no matter the genre – as well as entertaining the room with an unending collection of lengthy jokes. 

#professionaldrummer #druminstructor #sessiondrummer



LM Bryan

Showcase Keyboardist

Bryan has been playing keyboards for over 30 years and has performed with many of Denver’s bands including My Own Summer, Echoes in Reverie and Hold Me Hostage. He currently plays keys with Cody Qualls and the Brand New Ancients, as well as The Petty Nicks Experience. Bryan has a near-photographic memory for music and a perfect ear for tone, showing up to rehearsals with 35+ songs memorized and sounding exactly like the recording.

#professionalkeyboardist #keyboardplayer #sessionkeyboards


Kellie Gurule

Social Media Manager

Kellie manages our social media so we can share tips, connect with clients looking for our services, keep everyone in the know about studio events, help you get to know our teachers, and – most importantly – share news of our artists’ successes!

#socialmediamanager #celebratesuccess #intheknow #socialninja

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