About Emily

Vocal Coach

Emily has loved singing ever since she was little. Singing brought her so much joy that she loved to share it with friends and family constantly – whether it was performing on stage at school, singing “Think of Me” when leaving her grandma, or singing a special song for each friend every time they would meet.

However, traumatic experiences silenced her singing voice for years, until she realized that voice inside her wasn’t going to give up. She returned to singing as a young adult, worked through the anxiety surrounding singing, found the confidence and love of singing she naturally had in her youth, and now loves helping students of all ages and learning styles express themselves with joy and authenticity through voice and music.

As a musician and creative, she has played violin since 5th grade and she composes orchestral music including film and experimental music. Musical theatre is her favorite style to sing, because she loves the playful fantasy of stepping into a character and getting creative with one’s singing style. She danced on a competitive jazz and hip-hop team in high school, and was in a high school a cappella group.

With her years of experience as a public school K-8 special education teacher, and with an autistic relative in her close family, Emily knows how to adapt to different learning styles and rates of learning. She believes she should teach in the way the student learns, not make the student learn in one fixed way. She is patient and encouraging, and creates safe spaces for her students. One of her favorite things about teaching is seeing a student’s eyes light up when they understand something new, or make a new connection.


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