Performance High’s Mission

At Performance High, we believe that music and singing can transform people, help them face fears, and become someone new they are excited to show the world.  We believe that peak experiences such as performing on stage can help individuals leap to a new level and live extraordinary lives – not just their musical lives, but the rest of their lives as well.  Our mission is to provide high-quality instruction, resources, advice, and opportunities to help contemporary vocalists and musicians become the artists they dream of being, whether the goal is to sing in front of people for the first time, learn an instrument, or make a career in music.

Performance High’s Culture

The culture of Performance High is one of creative self-actualization and transcending limits, while surrounded by a supportive community of other artists in pursuit of their own unique growth.  Our teachers are constantly learning new techniques to better serve our students with modern vocal science, and our students are constantly growing and improving.  Members of the community support each other in these efforts through collaboration and encouragement, and their friends and family support as well. $40-$100