Drum Lessons

Performance High is more than a music school. It’s a community of aspiring and performing musicians having fun together, and helping each other grow into the musicians they dream of being. 

All of our faculty members are actively performing and gigging musicians, so our clients get real-life training and education in what it means to be a performing artist in today’s musical landscape. And since they’re employees (not independent contractors, like at a hair salon), they’re invested in your success and pull together as a team to make sure you have all the resources and opportunities you need to follow your dreams.

One of the things our clients love the most about being part of Performance High is the opportunities to build confidence as they jam with other musicians and perform in groups.  We offer biweekly free jam sessions on Wednesday nights, opportunities to form bands, and even group forays out into the Denver music scene. 

But the most exciting part is performing at standing-room-only concerts at premier Denver venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, The Venue, and the Walnut Room.  These expertly staged performances provide students with real gig experience that they need to become full-fledged musicians, complete with a live audience, lighting and stage technicians, and professional producers and engineers.

Who Are Drum Lessons For?

We love working with beginners on up, ages 10 and up, whether you want to play pop, rock, R&B, jazz, country, blues, folk, or even metal.  Our drum teachers provide a variety of fun technical exercises and challenges to help you develop healthy movement patterns for a lifetime of playing without injury.  You’ll learn both the basic foundations of all drumming (called “rudiments”) but also work on the techniques that are most important to know to play songs of your choice. 

New as of 2020, we’re excited to be running our school on a cutting-edge platform called TeacherZone, which allows our professors to assign homework and be able to follow up on students’ lessons and practice, resulting in twice as much progress in the same amount of time!

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn…
  • Music theory with practical uses in the songs YOU want to play
  • To write your own musical licks and compose original songs
  • Healthy techniques to prevent repetitive strain injury
  • Stage performance skills – not just where to put your fingers
  • Basics of the music industry and gigging


Details on our Rates page.

https://performancehigh.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/PH-square-avatar.jpg $40-$100