About Morgan

Vocal Coach

The road to self-discovery never ends, and Morgan believes that finding and using your authentic voice gets you closer to this goal!  

As a graduate of CU-Boulder with a BA in English Literature, Morgan has always been interested in stories – reading, writing, or interpreting a narrative that expresses and illuminates.  A good story informs, captivates, and heals; it moves us to feel. Whether we are performing our own original material or paying homage to the works of other great artists, the best way we can communicate our story is through our voice, our heart, and our art.  Morgan’s distinctive journey of self-discovery through songwriting, artist development, music business, voice lessons, and vocal teacher training has empowered her to step into her light and her story, and ignited her passion to help others do the same.

Morgan was encouraged as a child to love and listen to a wide variety of music, resulting in a combination of the pop, rock, jazz, and blues genres that influence her today. Morgan currently performs with two of the top tribute bands in Denver, Stone Beat Invasion and Sons of Genesis, and is the lead for a new Tina Turner tribute. She also writes and performs original music. 

Morgan is excited to help you find your unique voice to tell your own stories.

“Morgan is incredible, she has helped me improve my singing more than I could have ever thought possible! She challenges me every week to get better, and I look forward to her classes every week. Thanks for connecting me with such a great teacher!” – Jordan Y.

https://performancehigh.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/PH-square-avatar.jpg $100-$500