About Adrienne

Owner, Founder, and Lead Vocal Coach

Adrienne is a contemporary-music vocal instructor and performing and recording musician who excels in bringing a technical approach. She has been teaching voice since 2009, is accredited as a teacher of Mix Singing through the International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM) and is pending acceptance as one of IVTOM’s few Mentor Teachers, after being invited by the president of ITVOM to apply as such.

IVTOM brings together voice teachers, voice scientists, and medical professionals to mutually further the complete understanding of the vocal instrument. Adrienne is also IVTOM’s Manager of Technology.

Adrienne believes in building a large vocal skills toolbox. Once singers can learn to use their voices without thinking about technique, they can use it to express themselves artistically and honestly.

As a teacher of mix singing, Adrienne uses a wide range of techniques to help vocalists reduce tension, sing efficiently, achieve as much power as they desire, sing smoothly across their entire range without “gear-shifting” across bridges, develop pleasing tone, sing appropriately for the genre, and gain consistency from song to song and day to day.

Adrienne also loves creating an encouraging, supportive, safe space for students of all ages to laugh, try new things, and enjoy their success.

Adrienne’s clients include other voice teachers, lead singers in local bands, empty-nesters, and teens who love to sing.

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What Clients Are Saying

Education and Accreditations

  • B.S. in Science, Technology, and Society with a focus in Computer Science from Stanford University
  • Studied CCM voice with IVTOM president Mary Ann Kehler, IVTOM founder Dean Kaelin, and Brett Manning teachers
  • Accredited as Teacher of Mix Singing by the International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM)
  • Live Music Method, Tom Jackson Productions in Nashville
  • Functional Vocal Training, Commercial Music Institute at Shenandoah University
  • Meredith Colby’s Neuro-Vocal Method certification
  • Twelve years of instrument lessons (bass, piano, drums) with teachers such as Amy Shelley and Erik Martin (drums) and Alex Goldberg, Otis Lande, and Nate Marsh (bass)

Adrienne's Story

Adrienne talks about her previous career as a software developer, how she got into music, why she started Performance High, how she’s managing the studio’s growth, what type of clients work with Performance High, and what it’s like being a female entrepreneur in the music industry.
The Petty Nicks Experience

Bands and Performances

  • Member of Counterpoint, all-female a cappella at Stanford University
  • Member of the Orlando, FL chapter of Sweet Adelines a cappella
  • Co-founder and lead vocalist of The Fever (wedding band)
  • Co-founder and lead vocalist of Dois (Brazilian and Latin jazz quartet)
  • Lead vocalist of Girls on Top! (funk/motown band)
  • Keyboardist of Guitar Villains (live karaoke band)
  • Bassist for Driving Karma (rock band)
  • Bassist and lead vocalist for Urban Dance Theory (top 40’s dance band)
  • Bassist and lead vocalist for her band, Adrienne O (pop/rock)
  • Vocalist for electronic duo Teal & Tangent (dark electronic pop)
  • Founder and lead vocalist of The Legend Makers (live karaoke band)
  • Headlined the Gothic and Bluebird Theatres with her band
  • Her band Adrienne O has played at the Boulder Theatre, the Bluebird Theatre, the Fox Theatre, the Oriental Theatre, the Gothic Theatre, Coors Field, Hard Rock Cafe, the Buffalo Rose, Summit Music Hall, and many other medium-sized Colorado venues
  • Backup vocalist for the Jacob Larson Band (millennial funk)
  • Bassist for Melissa Ivey (rock)
  • Bassist for Cody Qualls and the New Ancients (pop/rock)
  • Bassist for Pamela Machala (pop/jazz)
  • Plays as Stevie Nicks in the Petty Nicks Experience (Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks tribute band)

Adrienne is also the creator of Nail Every Note, a membership site for contemporary vocalists with over 200 video lessons and exercises.  In 2010 she also released an instructional 2-DVD set entitled The Zen of the Stage: Performing in the Zone.

She has original music placed in various film and TV series, such as Rosewood (Fox) and feature-length film A Remarkable Life.

In a previous life, Adrienne graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Computer Science. She worked as a software and database developer, and later a project manager, for dot-com startups and B2B tech companies for a decade before switching careers into music. She was also a national champion waterskier and still holds an 18-year-old women’s slalom record in the Western Region.

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