Professional Musician Services

We serve local, national, and international professional musicians with customized services.

Set List Design and Show Planning

Consultation to construct a powerful set and show that leaves your audience in the palm of your hand, while leaving room for spontaneity in the moment.

Vocal Tuneups

Occasional vocal lessons to keep experienced vocalists performing at the top of their vocal game.

In-Studio Vocal Production

In-person or online vocal production while you’re in the studio recording vocals, to get the best possible result.

Tour Prep and Recovery

Consultation to prepare your voice for a tour, or vocally recover from a tour,

Pre-Gig Remote Warmup Sessions

Short remote warmup sessions at home, in your car, or in the green room so you’re ready to perform at your peak.

Live Band Coaching

Song production to make your music radio-ready – whether you’re perfecting your band’s live show or doing pre-production for a recording session,

Career Strategy Planning

A partner to help you define exactly what success means to you, and how to get there – from press releases to playlists to booking emails and beyond.

Musician Wellness Services

Certified specialists in trauma support, life coaching, Reiki, and other emotional and spiritual support to keep the whole artist healthy.

Free Consultation

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Rates for most of these services vary, but we do try to keep them affordable.
Voice-related services are based on our voice lesson rates. 
Contact us for details.

Musician Wellness Service rates are published on our Musician Wellness Services page. $100-$500