Peak Performance Classes for Musicians

Performance High is proud to be co-hosting a series of peak performance classes in 2024 with guest professor Dr. Jon Skidmore, Psy.D., who has taught the the course The Psychology of Music Performance at the Brigham Young University School of Music for over 30 years.
Dr. Skidmore is offering three short one-hour classes in May, August, September, and October, each of which provide a specific technique you can practice and adopt for your next performance, and then the full Path to Peak Performance series in November.
The May, September, and November courses are timed around Performance High showcases so our clients have a chance to practice and apply new peak performance skills, but all classes are open to everyone. 
If you are a music teacher, performer, or someone who just wants to perform, we would love to share these powerful techniques with you so you can find flow on stage!
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Jon Skidmore, PsyD.

Performance psychologist Jon Skidmore, PsyD. (“Dr. Jon”) has worked with thousands of performing artists throughout the world. He has taught the course The Psychology of Music Performance at the Brigham Young University School of Music for over 30 years and co-authored the book Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize your Performance and authored the workbook 30 Days to Peak Performance. Learn more about Dr. Jon at

Jitters, Shakes and Fear of Mistakes

“Oh no! I got stage fright!”
In your mind’s eye you can see exactly how you want to perform. You know your music. You have high hopes for a great performance. Unfortunately, the fear of messing up is lurking in the background. “Oh no! What if I get stage fright? What should I do? Eat a banana? Do some deep breathing? Take medication? Dr. Skidmore, what should I do?”
The answer: Master the Five Stages of Peak Performance.
Stage fright is not a disease, nor is it your #1 enemy. Instead, think of it as a skill deficit. In this workshop, you will learn the skills of activation management, attention focus, and mindset as part of a proven process to get you out of stage fright and into flow – a process called The Five Stages of Peak Performance.
This class is for both teachers and students.
May 9, 6-7pm MST online – FREE class! Registration required.

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“Shine at the Showcase” Series

Attend one, two, or all three of these classes to shine wherever you are showcasing your talents!

August 1, 6-7pm MST Online: Exit Stage Fright, Enter Flow
This is great for our clients performing at our August 11 showcase! 
September 5, 6-7pm MST Online: Imposter Syndrome: “Who, me?” 
This is great for our clients performing at our September 15 showcase!
October 10, 6-7pm MST online: I Got This!
Each of these 1-hour classes is $15 earlybird / $18 regular, or you can attend all three for $35 earlybird / $40 regular price. Earlybird pricing expires two weeks before each class.

The Path to Peak Performance Full Course

4-class course, 90 minutes per class, plus performance.
Nov 7, 14, 21, Dec 5 6-7:30pm MST online
PH clients can sign up to perform at our November 24 showcase; others will have an online performance.
Complete information about the full course here.

Hear it from the clients

“Before working with Jon, I approached musical performances with anxiety and often left them with regret and frustration, feeling like I never quite did as well as I had expected myself to perform. With his training  I was able to fully enjoy the most positive, successful musical performance I have ever given. Thank you Jon for helping me realize my potential!” – Rebecca Tolman, Boise, Idaho

“The Musician’s Path to Peak Performance is like a treasure map, a step-by-step guide to uncover the musical potential buried within you.” – Mark Baxter, world-renowned vocal coach

“After meeting Dr. Jon, my passion for singing and performing was reignited. I am enjoying my time on stage! The moments leading up to a performance are no longer torture, and I now I have a clear, step-by-step process to follow anytime I accept a performing opportunity.” – Lauren Ireland, singer/voice teacher, Calgary, Canada

“After attending Dr. Skidmore’s workshop and learning the 5 Stages of Peak Performance, I applied the steps to my very next audition. I had a blast performing. I had a clear process to follow, and instead of feeling powerless over my state of mind and just pushing through, I felt like I was ‘the boss’. I’ve been acting and performing for decades, and Dr. Skidmore’s process gave me a solid framework to utilize all the tools I already had, plus some fantastic tools that were new to me. It feels like a whole other level of professionalism, knowing how to stay focused and in the flow. What a bonus that I ended up booking the job!” – Annie Little, Singer/actress/voice teacher $100-$500