The Musician’s Path to Peak Performance

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Find Your Flow 

with the Musician’s Path to Peak Performance

Does the “old school” approach to finding flow sound familiar?
Practice, practice a lot, take a deep breath, imagine the audience in their underwear and hope. Today as a performance psychologist I understand why the “old school” approach, that unfortunately is still being taught, creates so much anxiety. 
The tools and skills you will learn in the Musician’s Path to Peak Performance are based on brain science, anxiety management and cutting-edge research on stepping into flow. Dr. Skidmore will share his method for finding flow, The Five Stages of Peak Performance. 
When you master the Five Stages of Peak Performance you can say good-bye to stage fright, dread, and doubt, and say hello to excitement and willingness to share your gifts powerfully and confidently. The Five Stages process elevates your performance quality and brings the joy and fun of sharing your talents and singing your songs to center stage. 
In this workshop, you’ll learn the tools, skills, and process of the Five Stages of Peak Performance to:
• Understand the science behind stage fright
• Shift your mindset from negative to positive
• Rewrite your negative story
• Raise your performance mindset to the level of your musical skill set
• Hit the stage with the right kind of energy and excitement
• Use breathing exercises to relax your body and calm your mind
• Use affirmations to build your confidence
• Use visualization to prepare yourself mentally for a great performance
• Manage performance anxiety on the day of the performance
• Develop effective pre-performance routines
• Prepare yourself mentally for a great performance

Course Format

This course, custom-designed for the Performance High community, consists of two two-hour online classes before the performance and one after the performance.
The first two pre-performance sessions will help you develop skills to find your flow. In the third post-performance session, Dr. Skidmore will teach you how to evaluate your performance process by highlighting what worked and constructively examining what didn’t through the framework of the Five Stages of Peak Performance. You will learn to discover the victories in every performance. 
Those not already registered to perform at the March 24 Performance High showcase will perform in a Zoom gathering led by Dr. Skidmore on the same date (March 24).

Workshop Bonuses

On top of the three coaching sessions and performance, everyone who joins this workshop will get a collection of bonuses worth over $50:
• A PDF of his book Conquer Anxiety:
How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance
• A PDF of “30 Days to Peak Performance” 
• An MP3 of “Relax the Body, Focus the Mind”
• The “Finding Flow” checklist
• $50 off an initial individual consultation with Dr. Skidmore

This course promises three things:

Your willingness to perform will increase.
Your performance quality will reach new heights.
You’ll enjoy performing like never before!

Registration and Schedule

Four Online Classes: Thursdays Nov 7, 14, 21, and Dec 5, 2024 from 6-7:30pm MST

Performance: PH clients may register to perform at the November 24 showcase; others will have an online performance.

Class Fee: $225 earlybird, $250 regular; $25 discount for PH members. Earlybird price expires on October 24. 

Ages: 13+. Under-13 performers are welcome to attend with a parent (for no additional charge).

Registration Deadline: November 5, 2024

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Jon Skidmore, PsyD.

Performance psychologist Jon Skidmore, PsyD. (“Dr. Jon”) has worked with thousands of performing artists throughout the world. He has taught the course The Psychology of Music Performance at the Brigham Young University School of Music for over 30 years and co-authored the book Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize your Performance and authored the workbook
30 Days to Peak Performance. Learn more about Dr. Jon at

Hear it from the clients

“Before working with Jon, I approached musical performances with anxiety and often left them with regret and frustration, feeling like I never quite did as well as I had expected myself to perform. With his training  I was able to fully enjoy the most positive, successful musical performance I have ever given. Thank you Jon for helping me realize my potential!” – Rebecca Tolman, Boise, Idaho

“The Musician’s Path to Peak Performance is like a treasure map, a step-by-step guide to uncover the musical potential buried within you.” – Mark Baxter, world-renowned vocal coach

“After meeting Dr. Jon, my passion for singing and performing was reignited. I am enjoying my time on stage! The moments leading up to a performance are no longer torture, and I now I have a clear, step-by-step process to follow anytime I accept a performing opportunity.” – Lauren Ireland, singer/voice teacher, Calgary, Canada

“After attending Dr. Skidmore’s workshop and learning the 5 Stages of Peak Performance, I applied the steps to my very next audition. I had a blast performing. I had a clear process to follow, and instead of feeling powerless over my state of mind and just pushing through, I felt like I was ‘the boss’. I’ve been acting and performing for decades, and Dr. Skidmore’s process gave me a solid framework to utilize all the tools I already had, plus some fantastic tools that were new to me. It feels like a whole other level of professionalism, knowing how to stay focused and in the flow. What a bonus that I ended up booking the job!” – Annie Little, Singer/actress/voice teacher $100-$500