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Chris Thompson, Producer at World Viral, Songwriter/Performer at Omniism and Talent Buyer at Herman's Hideaway, says... 

"Adrienne Osborn is beyond pro. She's a singers' singer. From shaping vowels to proper breathing techniques she knows what she's doing and she can pull the best out of ANY aspiring vocalist. I only send my people to THE BEST."

Jesse Nemitz, a Brett Manning Master Associate in Nashville, says... 

"Adrienne has an incredible ability to focus on the details with voice training.  Her technical foundation, coupled with her magnetic personality, cause me to give her a hearty thumbs up."

Singing Lessons in Denver and Lafayette

Want to sing better, higher, lower, more powerfully, without a break?

Got an audition coming up?

Want to take your live show to the next level?

Need help with your songs?

We work with professional, not-yet-professional, and "just want to have fun" singers and musicians on voice, performance, songwriting, and both live and recorded production.  Our team has worked with members of many of Denver's bands such as such as Firefall, Filthy T, Pride in Pieces, Kill Paris, Hey Lady!, Roniit, Jacob Larson, Jaden Carlson, Princess, Behaving Badly, Starcar Sunday, Public Display of Aggression, and many others.  We have also worked with two top American Idol finalists, singers in Europe and Australia, and bands signed to labels including Atlantic, Elektra, Immortal, Wind Up, Curb, Blind Bat, S-Curve, Victory, Blues Legacy and J Records. 



  • Voice instruction and vocal coaching in popular genres: Rock, pop, metal, jazz, country, soul, R&B


  • Live performance coaching for solo artists, lead vocals, and full bands


  • Songwriting lessons


  • Demo song development, arrangement, instrumental and vocal production, and recording


  • Artist development and career guidance for beginning artists



Nail Every Note: Your Voice. Better. - An enormous online vocal training resource.


Zen of the Stage: Performing in the Zone - A 2-DVD set to take you from stage fright to peak performance.


What Students Are Saying

"Before going to Performance High, I had taken singing lessons from various teachers around Denver. After working with other teachers for over a few years, I had felt that I plateaued and that I needed to find a teacher who knew how to pull my voice out of me. My voice has improved radically in the three months I've been taking lessons at Performance High. My "bridge" (the spot between head and chest voice) was absolute no-man's land for me, and I avoided it like the plague. Now I can sing cleanly through it and have no fear of that zone. My head voice sounds like a normal singing voice now - and not like a Monty Python character. I can also "feel" where I'm singing and control vocal placement.

"Performance High's teachers are creative; they think on their feet. Past singing teachers I've worked with had their standard vocal warm ups and bucket of vocal exercises. It seemed that there was always a canned diagnosis. My teacher at Performance High is very quick to identify what you have going on specifically with how you are trying to sing and has a vocal exercise to work it out. In our lessons, we've never had a problem where we couldn't identify and fix any challenge. 

"The last thing I'll say is that my teacher at Performance High knows how to sing like I imagine most people taking singing lessons want to sound like. Many singing teachers are classical singing teachers. If you want to sing show tunes and Bach, that's probably where you should go. If you are inspired by the great singers of the past 50 years as I am, there's no sense wasting your time and money at someone who doesn't know how to sing like those people (let alone teach you how to sing that way). I highly recommend that people "graduate themselves" up to Performance High and buckle down the voice that they've always wanted."

- Chad Gordon, vocalist


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Whether you've never had a voice lesson or have 500 shows under your belt, we can probably help you.   

We serve singers all over Colorado's Front Range:  Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Niwot, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Frederick, Superior, Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Golden, and Fort Collins.  


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