Music Theory for Singers

music theory for singers

Curious how music works?

Calling all vocalists and beginning instruments! Would you like to be more confident when talking to musicians in rehearsal? Would you like to understand how music works, and how music theory can help you be a better singer? Then this workshop is for you!  

Music Theory for Singers will introduce you to the basic music theory concepts that are important for you to know and understand as a musician.
Sure, you could try to wade through YouTube videos, but this is way faster and brings everything together for you all in one day! 

What You’ll Learn

  • Time signatures, rhythm, and counting
  • Keys and key signatures
  • Musical notation and how to read sheet music
  • Major, minor, and pentatonic scales
  • Chords – what are they, what kinds are there, and how do I play them?
  • Diatonic chords – which chords are in a key?
  • Intervals, and finding your note relative to a key or chord

 After Taking This Class, You Will…

  • Be able to confidently find your starting note
  • Know when to start singing and how long to wait between song sections
  • Know how to communicate with musicians in a shared musical language
  • Understand the basics of reading sheet music
  • Understand how chords, keys, scales all relate to each other
  • Know which chords sound good together, so you can start writing songs!
This workshop is open to vocalists, beginning instrumentalists, and anyone interested in learning more about basic practical music theory. With a particular emphasis on immediately applicable skills, this class helps participants understand how music works, how knowing basic music theory helps you be a better singer, how to communicate about music and how to use this knowledge to become a better musician and vocalist.

Registration and Schedule

Location: Online

Date: Saturday April 27, 12-3pm

Earlybird Fee through 4/19: 
$50 for PH members, $60 for non-members 
Regular Fee after 4/19:
$60 for PH members, $70 for non-members

Ages: 13+

Registration Deadline: Wed Apr 24

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About Joe

Joe Mondragon is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist with 18+ years of songwriting experience. He earned a B.A. in Music Industries from UCDenver, during which he participated in the program’s Advanced Songwriting Ensemble.

Joe’s original project, Creature Canopy, is signed to publisher Consonance Sound and has been licensed for various marketing campaigns for CDOT. His songs have also been featured on KTCL Radio, and his song “Heartbeat” was selected for their regional “Big Gig” competition. Additionally, Joe has conducted multiple songwriting workshops and designed curricula, including a virtual songwriting seminar during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. $100-$500