About Wendy

Guitar and Songwriting Instructor

Wendy Woo is a singer/songwriter in Colorado. She is also known for her guitar work, especially using her acoustic guitar as a percussion instrument in a style that she has come to call “Slap Tap”. Woo is one of a small number of Colorado performers to win the Westword Music Awards five times (after that, a five-time winner becomes ineligible and is named a member of the Westword Hall of Fame).

Woo plays both acoustic and electric guitar. She performs both as a solo and with her band. She has recorded more than 100 original songs in a variety of genres: folk, jazz, blues, funk, rock, and pop.

During her career, she has been associated with three different Colorado music scenes: Boulder/Nederland, then Denver, and now Northern Colorado. Because Woo is so popular in Colorado, she has been called the “Queen of the Denver Scene,” the “Denver DIY queen,” the “queen of the local scene” and the “self proclaimed Mayor of Loveland”. She has toured nationally, playing many of the most famous acoustic rooms around the country including “The Bitter End” in New York City, “Eddie’s Attic” in Atlanta, GA, “The Bluebird Theatre” in Nashville, TN “The Utah Room” in San Francisco, “The Rainbow” in Portland, OR and many other nationally renowned venues including “Red Rocks” in Morrison, CO and “The Fox Theatre” in Boulder. Colorado has always been her home-base. “I know that I do get lumped into that hometown artist thing but … well, the bottom line is that I love it here.”

Woo has always run her own music career. In 2004, she created a corporation, WooMusic, Inc., and has done her own recording, producing, booking, publicity, and publishing. She has been called a “one-woman music industry.” And she has been a role model for other Colorado female singer/songwriters. Said one, “Well, we learned it all from Wendy Woo, didn’t we?”

Through much of her career, she averaged 200 shows a year (though less now that she has three children). Live shows have been her form of music distribution; the more shows she played, the more CDs she sold directly to fans. She has released 12 albums and 2 documentaries including a 40 minute, award winning piece called “Unshaken: The Road to Woo” produced by Ferrari Films in 2019.

In addition to her own work, Woo produced 10 songs on Sally Taylor’s (daughter of James and Carly) first album. She was also a contributor to Taylor’s 2014 Consenses project.

In 2021 Woo became a voting member for the Grammies where she helps decide the winners of the Grammy’s as well as having an opportunity to submit her works for consideration.

Woo now resides in Loveland, CO with her 3 teenage children where she is working on her 13th album, playing 3 consistent house gigs in her hometown, playing shows around Colorado, and working as an EMT in Aurora, CO during the pandemic years.


Wendy Woo, guitar and songwriting instructor
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