About Bria

Bria Rae has been captivated by the feelings and emotions of singing since she was 2 years of age. Something about bringing words into a whole new light and saying things one would never have the courage to speak was magical to her. That started a passion of putting words into music, because she felt people heard her, felt her and understood her better when she did. 

At the age of 9, she won 3rd place and received 21 offers from agents after performing at a nationwide Disney competition. Later, at Arvada West High School, she made her way to the top choir group and went to All State Choir twice. 

Bria Rae loves singing in a healthy belt and teaching others to do the same.  She worked hard to find a more powerful and healthy range that wouldn’t strain her voice, and she loves helping her students do the same. 

Bria wholeheartedly believes that the voice is an instrument… and each individual’s instrument is uniquely their own. She believes in learning an individual’s vocal instrument and helping them smooth over bumps that may have seemed impossible. 

She believes that with the right, consistent practice, anything can be learned… and then LOVED. She has seen firsthand with herself that you CAN have range, YOU CAN have power, YOU CAN have softness, YOU CAN have smooth transitions without pain or tension. 

She also understands personally that what we go through emotionally, mentally and physically in our daily lives can affect how we sing, and she’s comfortable helping her students over those hurdles as well. 

She considers her music style to be “Singer/Songwriter & Pop Soul with a bit of Folk and Country” and is excited to bring her work to peoples’ lives.

Ingrid Parker, music instructor
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