About Alice

Music Instructor

Alice studied jazz bass performance and audio engineering at the Lamont School of Music in Denver, but also plays multiple instruments and sings. They’ve been a musician their entire life, and a music teacher since 2009, and love bringing the diversity they grew up with to their performing, writing, and teaching.

Alice has played music for dozens of musical theatre performances, and many weddings and corporate parties with several bands and production companies including Moment’s Notice Entertainment. Alice is also a member of the Irish folk trio Avourneen. Avourneen has performed every year in regional Irish festivals and marathon shows across the state on and around St. Patrick’s day.

Alice also performs and composes as (un)certainty, playing live-looped solo bass and synthesizer / sequencers combos while singing re-imagined versions of popular music, including as a headliner on the Pride main stage. As a non-binary queer person, some of Alice’s favorite performances have been in collaboration with drag artists, and occasionally they do drag too!

As a teacher, Alice has experience working with most age groups, from middle elementary through older adults, teaching guitar, keyboards, bass, voice and drums. Beyond the basics of these instruments, Alice also enjoys teaching how to play loop-based music and how synthesizers and drum machines work. 

The unique histories, experiences and learning styles of Alice’s students come before anything else. Some were in band and choir through their whole time in school. Some had limited exposure to playing instruments, reading sheet music, or making music with others. And some students arrive ready to start fresh. Alice considers working with musicians with all different backgrounds as opportunities to learn from their students too.

One way they navigate this rich territory is to connect musical ideas with other arts and other fields of knowledge. Music is like food, one person’s yuck is another person’s yum, but at the end of the day, the basic elements that make music appealing are very similar to making a tasty meal. Music can be sweet, creamy, bitter, and spicy. It can be as complex as a curry, or as simple as a BLT. And just like cooking, the art of making beautiful music is served by the science of sound and the methods that composers and performers have developed over millennia to communicate emotions, ideas, and in some cultures even specific messages without using words. They’re always happy to geek out about music theory and sound physics.


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