Youth Latin/Spanish Voice Lessons

Top-Notch Vocal Training for Young Singers of Latin Music

En español o inglés

With its unique rhythms and highly emotive performance styles, Latin music provides different challenges than top 40 and Western rock music. 

Our native Spanish-speaking vocal instructor RaeLynn Martinez – also a professional mariachi musician who plays nine instruments – can help your child learn to sing authentic musica Latina in various styles including salsa, ranchera, norteña, tejana, banda, tropical, musica tradicional and Latin pop.

To help our teen singers sound authentic and remain inspired by the voices of their favorite Latin artists, we teach modern vocal techniques appropriate for the genre.

With relevant, fun, healthy, science-based vocal instruction, our young singers love sticking with us to show their friends and family how much they grow from showcase to showcase. Learning how to sing the songs they already love keeps kids coming back for more!

Showcases and Recitals

We offer near-monthly opportunities to perform – everything from traditional teen recitals to acoustic showcases to full-band productions at major venues.

Beginning students find our recitals and acoustic showcases to be a supportive, non-intimidating way to get used to performing in front of people.

Our intermediate and advanced students love our big concerts at premier Denver venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, The Oriental Theatre, the Clocktower Cabaret, and the Soiled Dove.  These expertly staged performances provide clients with real gig experience that they need to become full-fledged musicians, complete with a live audience, lighting and stage technicians, and professional producers and engineers.

Costa Rican singer in traditional costume

Your Child Will Learn How To…

  • Sing across their whole range without a break 
  • Sing with power and expression
  • Understand basic and complex rhythms
  • Expand their range
  • Improve their tone
  • Polish pitches, riffs, and runs
  • Harmonize
  • Develop their unique sound
  • Feel more confident
  • Protect their vocal health

Online or In Person

We offer lessons in person in Denver and Broomfield, and for anyone anywhere via Zoom.

Hablamos Español

Hablamos español y estamos a tus órdenes. $100-$500