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We love the high of performing!
Online and in-person voice, guitar, piano, and ukelele lessons

“The decision to take lessons at Performance High was one of best decisions I’ve made in my musical journey.  What I have learned about my voice as an instrument has been beyond what I ever expected.  I used to hate singing, but now, if I hear something in my voice that I don’t like, I know what to do to turn it into a sound I do like.  That’s quite something!

“My improved vocal skills hav made songwriting and performing so much more enjoyable and satisfying.  I’m so much more confident. I even created a website for my music to help me get more gigs, and now I’m performing out regularly and starting to record my original songs.  I’m incredibly grateful!”

– J.C. Allen

Live an extraordinary life

Stop wondering “what if.”

Take the leap and become someone different.

Many of Colorado’s top vocalists and musicians trust us with their education.  You can, too.
Adrienne and her team love helping singers and musicians at all levels become the artists they dream of being.

Performance High is more than a music school. It’s a community of aspiring and professional musicians having fun together and helping each other grow.

We offer in-person and online voice and instrument lessons, showcases, online showcases, biweekly jam sessions, opportunities to form bands, one-day classes, multi-week classes, recording services, and various online activities

Our clients love being part of Performance High as they transcend their limits and grow into a new person they’re excited to show the world.

One of the most exciting parts is our standing-room-only concerts at premier Denver venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret, The Venue, and the Walnut Room.  These expertly staged performances provide the real gig experience you need – complete with an enthusiastic audience, lighting and stage technicians, and professional producers and engineers.  These are the priceless moments that mark your transformation into the musician you dream of being.

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Client Experiences

Girl playing piano
Woman playing guitar
LM Bryan

It’s time to become the artist you dream of being.


A Few of Our Clients

Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts
Firefall – Colorado Music Hall of Fame
Leslie Tom, Classic Country
Leslie Tom
Classic Country
Sami Davis, Rocket Surgeons (Rock/Hip Hop/Pop)
Sami Davis
Rocket Surgeons (Rock/Hip Hop/Pop)
Hawley Penfold, Pop
Hawley Penfold
Rick Roberts
Casey Abrams
American Idol Season 6
Charlie Fox, Soul
Charlie Fox
Sydney St. George, Country Pop
Sydney St. George
Country Pop
Kelly Augustine, Americana
Kelly Augustine
Jacob Larson, Millennial Funk
Jacob Larson
Millennial Funk
Andreas DeValera, Folk
Andreas DeValera
Lee Clark Allen, R&B
Lee Clark Allen
Sonya Leigh, Zeppephilia (Rock)
Sonya Leigh
Zeppephilia (Rock) $40-$100