Elevate Your Voice.






We’re here to help you elevate your voice

To help you stretch, grow, and transform. 

To help you find your voice and amplify your unique self-expression.

As we grow together, we make our community a better place.

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Voice Lessons

Find confidence in your unique voice

Instrument Lessons

Experience the joy of making music

Recording and Production

Express yourself through original songs

Artist Development

Define who you are as an artist… and then bring it out to the world


Make friends, play shows, find your power!

Whole Artist Wellness

Release your full artistic potential

More than Music Lessons

We offer everything you need to grow musically and fulfill your potential – whether that’s gaining enough confidence to release your singing from the safety of the shower, playing in a band for the first time, or pursuing a dream of being a musical artist.

We are community that plays and sings together so we can grow together. Will you join us?

Our Services

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We’re pleased to be an official provider of My Spark Denver. 

Are you in need of financial assistance? If your child is enrolled in 6th-8th grade at a DPS school, apply for My Spark Denver to receive a $1,000 debit card that can be used to pay for our programs!

Find out why our clients love to participate in our frequent showcases!

Our team serves all types of contemporary musicians…

Kids * Teens * Adults * Beginners * Hobbyists * Professionals * LGBTQIA+ * Neurodivergent * Differently Abled *

And we love all kinds of popular music…

Musical theatre * pop * rock * R&B * Latin * country * electronica * folk * jazz * indie * soul * metal

If you like contemporary music, we’re here to help you make it!

It’s time to reach your potential. $100-$500