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We’re here to help you elevate your voice

To help you stretch, grow, and transform. 

To help you find your voice and amplify your unique self-expression.

As we grow together, we make our community a better place.

How is Performance High different?

1. Expert Contemporary Vocal Coaching That Gets Results – We Promise It!
2. A comprehensive variety of services for growing artists
3. A fun, supportive, engaged, collaborative community
4. Individualized, personalized support

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Voice Lessons

Find confidence in your unique voice

Instrument Lessons

Accompany yourself or play with others

Recording and Production

Express your original voice

Artist Development

Define who you are,.. and show the world!


Make friends and get that “Performance High”!

Whole Artist Wellness

Release your full artistic potential

More than Just Lessons

We offer everything you need to grow musically and reach your potential.

Whether your first goal is to start loving your singing voice, get on stage for the first time, join a band, start accompanying yourself at open mics, or record an album of original music, we have experts to help your journey be fun, safe, and faster than you could do it alone.

And through our online community and in-person events, we provide lots of opportunities to hone your skills and make connections with other singers and musicians.

We are community that sings, plays, and grows. Will you join us?

We love working with all types of contemporary musicians…

Kids – Pre-Teens – Teens  Adults 
Beginners  Hobbyists  Professionals
Neurodivergent  Differently Abled

And we love all kinds of popular music…

Pop – Rock – Musical Theatre
R&B – Latin – Country
Folk – Jazz – Indie – Soul
Electronica – Metal

Our highly trained, experienced coaches are ready to help.

To provide the most effective vocal coaching anywhere, we emphasize continuing education and mutual mentorship for our already experienced and trained vocal coaches.  Our owner and founder Adrienne is one of the few select Mentor Teachers for the International Voice Teachers of Mix. She has personally trained all staff who came to Performance High with less than a decade of teaching experience.

Hear it from our clients:

Sarah Brandt
Sarah Brandt
I cannot say enough good things about performance high - all of the people I have met have been wonderful (staff and students), I have received incredible vocal instruction and started to feel part of a community. In addition to music instruction I have been doing reiki and energy work with Kristen, it has been truly wonderful to take a holistic approach to singing, healing the inside to be able to more freely express myself has been a transformative experience beyond the love of singing. Big thanks to Adrienne for bringing together this wonderful community of musicians, teachers, students, healers and just good people.
C 3
C 3
Started with the Pop Choir classes and went on to take private lessons from Adrienne O. Had so much fun in the choir i plan on doing it again in 2024. The private lessons are amazing as well, they have the best teachers/instructors! Looking forward to pop choir 2024!
Sonia Fait Kiva
Sonia Fait Kiva
Performance High provides a great supportive environment where you can learn and grown and not be afraid to try. I've loved working with Justin for many years - he's helped me grow as an artist and bringing him songs to produce has been immensely fun! (And the songs always turn out amazing!!)
Jordan Youkilis (joyouki1221)
Jordan Youkilis (joyouki1221)
I've loved working with Performance High. Morgan Low has been my singing coach since the beginning of last year. Morgan is incredible, she has helped me improve my singing more than I could have ever thought possible! She challenges me every week to get better, and I look forward to her classes every week.
Lizzy Hofe
Lizzy Hofe
I am absolutely astounded at how quickly I've progressed working with Adrienne!! I had spent a really long time thinking that belting might not be possible for me as someone with a voice that leans more toward classical, but Adrienne helped make it click and now I feel confident singing songs I never would have before! She's also super cool and professional, and always up for whatever material I want to work on, even the super weird and out-there stuff haha! I always have a blast working with her, highly recommend!!
Dezirae Schalice Maffit
Dezirae Schalice Maffit
I LOVE working withe Adrienne, and let me say I have been so picky about vocal coaches. Being a professional performer and having a bachelors in vocal performance makes finding a teacher with an advanced enough vocal understanding difficult, but Adrienne has really taken my performances to the next level with her instruction. Her extensive knowledge of the vocal process and her ability to regress and progress exercises based on where I am that day is extraordinary. Thank you Adrienne!!
Darienne Nikole
Darienne Nikole
If you’re looking to massively improve your skill and master your craft, I can’t recommend these guys enough. I have the honor of having Tyler as my singing coach and I can’t tell you how much I have grown. Before him I had 4 vocal coaches over 8 months and Tyler has gone above and beyond and taught me more in 3 months then I learned the previous lessons. He is so knowledgeable and honest, and will tell you exactly what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong- this is such a valuable principle. Honestly the best coach I’ve ever had, I feel motivated every week to practice and do my homework and to be honest I never have done that literally not even in highschool, no like ever 😂. He’s taken me seriously as a student and honestly my dreams of becoming a famous singer seem a lot less crazy after working with Tyler. I’m beyond blessed to be his student and be a student of performance high. Thank you for having me 😍

It’s time to Elevate Your Voice.

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