Rates and Services

We have a range of rates to match any budget.  Rates vary depending on lesson length, teacher, and whether you pay monthly or lesson-by-lesson.

On a budget?  Monthly packages are the least expensive but also least flexible.  All packages start on the 1st of the month.  Unused sessions don’t carry over.

Need maximum scheduling flexibility?  Go lesson-by-lesson.

Group lessons?  Yep.  Rates here

Don’t want to decide up front?  No problem.  We don’t want you to, either.  Decide after you’ve had a lesson.

Want to switch from Monthly to Lesson-by-Lesson?  No problem, just let us know.

If you take multiple lesson types between Performance High – such as voice and artist development – you get $5 off every lesson.

Can’t make a scheduled lesson?  Just give us 24 hours notice, please.  If you don’t, you’ll need to pay for the missed lesson.

If you don’t feel like there’s a fit with your teacher after the first lesson, we’ll arrange a complimentary lesson for you with another teacher at Performance High.

Hour Voice Lessons

Most teens and adults take hour voice lessons, but a half hour can be a good length if you come to your lesson already warmed up and ready to work on a song.

Emma:  $60/lesson or $220/mo
Tyler: $80/lesson or $280/mo
Kristin: $90/lesson, not available monthly
Adrienne: $90/lesson, not currently available monthly

Half-Hour Voice Lessons

Half hour lessons are best for younger students with shorter attention spans.  They’re also a great option for clients on a budget.

Emma:  $30/lesson or $110/mo
Tyler: $40/lesson or $140/mo
Kristin: $45/lesson, not available monthly
Adrienne: $45/lesson or $160/mo

Studio Services

All studio services are with Justin Long.

Private Production Consulting
Learn how to produce, record, mix, or master; or get help with your home studio

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
$40/hour or negotiable flat rate per project

Artist Development Services

All artist development services are with Justin Long.

Private Guitar Lessons
Half-hour lessons: $32.50 each or $120/month
Hour lessons:  $55 each or $200/month

Private Artist Development Sessions
$70/hour or $250/month

Private Songwriting Sessions
$70/hr or $250/month

Private Stage Performance Coaching
$70/hour or $250/month


Music Theory 101 Class
$120 for six 2-hour classes 

Songwriting Class
$160 for eight 2-hour classes

Singing Harmonies Class
$20 per 90-minute class 

Special Rates for Professional Musicians and the Military

We offer a 20% discount on most services to musicians who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Perform at least 40 gigs per year (open mics excluded)
  • Make a living primarily from performing, recording, producing, or teaching music
  • Are signed to a major record label or represented by an established management company

We also offer a 15% discount to the military (ID required).  Thank you for serving!