Rates and Services

We have a range of rates to match any budget.  Rates vary depending on lesson frequency, lesson length, and teacher.

On a budget?  Monthly Pass is the least expensive but also least flexible. Unused sessions don’t carry over.

Need maximum scheduling flexibility?  A La Carte lessons are the most flexible.

Group lessons?  Yep.  Rates here

Don’t know what’s best?  No problem.  Your first lesson is at the Weekly Flex rate even if you never take another.

If you take multiple lesson types between Performance High – such as voice and artist development – you get $5 off every lesson.

If you don’t feel like there’s a fit with your teacher after the first lesson, we’ll arrange a complimentary lesson for you with another teacher at Performance High.

Private Lessons

Monthly rates cover four weekly lessons. Voice lesson rates depend on teacher and lesson frequency; see details below.

Private Voice Lessons
Half-hour lessons:  $33-55 each or $120-180/month
Hour Lessons:  $55-100 each or $200-320/month

Private Guitar Lessons
Half-hour lessons: $32.50 each or $120/month
Hour lessons:  $55 each or $200/month

Private Artist Development Sessions
$70/hour or $250/month

Private Songwriting Sessions
$70/hr or $250/month

Private Stage Performance Coaching
$70/hour or $250/month


Music Theory 101 Class
$120 for six 2-hour classes 

Songwriting Class
$160 for eight 2-hour classes

Singing Harmonies Class
$20 per 90-minute class 

Studio Services

Private Production Consulting
Learn how to produce, record, mix, or master; or get help with your home studio

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
$40/hour or negotiable flat rate per project

Rates Per Voice Teacher


Best value for weekly lessons.  Pay monthly in advance instead of lesson by lesson. Missed lessons don’t carry over, but you can reschedule lessons if your teacher can.

Private Voice Lessons
Emma:  $120/mo for 30min lessons,
    $200/mo for 60min
Bobbie: $130/mo for 30min lessons,
    $240/mo for 60min
Tyler: $140/mo for 30min lessons,
    $260/mo for 60min
Kristin: not available
Adrienne: $180/mo for 30min lessons,
    $320/mo for 60min. Currently not available

Weekly Flex

Best for weekly lessons with a little flexibility.  Must take at least 3 lessons per month.  Paid lesson by lesson.

Private Voice Lessons
Emma:  $33/half hour, $55/hr
Bobbie:  $35/half hour, $65/hr
Tyler: $40/half hour, $70/hr
Kristin: $45/half hour, $80/hr
Adrienne: $50/half hour, $90/hr

A La Carte

Most flexible option, two or fewer lessons per month.  Maximum scheduling flexibility.  Paid lesson by lesson.

Private Voice Lessons
Emma:  $35/half hour, $60/hr
Bobbie:  $40/half hour, $75/hr
Tyler: $45/half hour, $80/hr
Kristin: $50/half hour, $90/hr
Adrienne: $55/half hour, $100/hr

Special Rates for Professional Musicians and the Military

We offer a 20% discount on most services to musicians who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Perform at least 40 gigs per year (open mics excluded)
  • Make a living primarily from performing, recording, producing, or teaching music
  • Are signed to a major record label or represented by an established management company

Monthly Passes aren’t included in this discount, but almost everything else is.

We also offer a 15% discount to the military (ID required).  Thank you for serving!