Gift Ideas

We are fans of the trend to give “experience” gifts!  Do you have a budding rockstar, retired bucket-lister, or adventurous creative in your circle?  Here are some “experience” gift ideas for them.

Performance Package (Denver or Lone Tree) – $379

  • 23333906_1717480208303796_5311216314556712618_o2 voice lessons with Bobbie Sue, Emma, and/or Tyler
  • 2 stage performance sessions with Justin
  • 2 rehearsals with a live professional band
  • One performance singing two songs with the band

Who is this package good for?  Anyone age 14 and up who would love the thrill of performing in front of an audience, backed by a full live band with backup singers.  No previous training or experience required.  The performer will be booked into the appropriate performance opportunity according to his/her skill and comfort level.  We have performance opportunities for everyone, about once a month, from the first-timer to the very experienced.  Lone Tree voice lessons must be with Tyler.  Band rehearsals and stage performance sessions are at our Denver location.

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Nail Every Note – $199 (Anywhere)

newstandaloneimagesweb cropNail Every Note is an at-home, video-based vocal training product created by Adrienne, the owner of Performance High.  It has a huge collection of over 120 video lessons, over 35 exercises, over 200 tips and tricks, hours of real student lessons, over 150 exercise backing tracks, and a 35-page eBook containing solutions for all of the most common vocal technique issues.

Who is this package good for?   Singers 18 and up who are self-motivated and want vocal instruction at home, on their own schedule.  Best for singers who can match pitch reliably.  Beyond that, no experience is required – this program is good for all levels of singers from beginners who have never taken a lesson, to vocalists who have years of training behind them.

More info, and purchase link, at naileverynote.comTo purchase as a gift, use your own email address and contact Adrienne at to change the email address post-purchase.

Performance High Sampler – $189 (Denver, Lafayette, or Lone Tree)

Let your singer choose what they want to do!  For one low price, your vocalist can select three of the following six activities:

  • One stage performance session
  • One voice lesson
  • One songwriting session
  • One artist development session
  • Two hours of recording time
  • Sing one song with the live band at a showcase (2 rehearsals included)

Band rehearsals, recording, and stage performance sessions are at our Denver location.  Other services can be at any location.  Not all teachers work in all locations.
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Vocal Intensive (Denver, Lafayette or Lone Tree)

  • Two 2.5-hour voice lessons with Emma in Denver – $249 – OR –
  • Two 2.5-hour voice lessons with Bobbie Sue in Denver – $299 – OR –
  • Two 2.5-hour voice lessons with Tyler in any location – $349 – OR –
  • Two 2.5-hour voice lessons with Adrienne in any location – $399

Who is this package good for?  Singers 18 and up who have at least two years of previous vocal training, who perform regularly or aspire to perform regularly, and who would like to take a leap forward with their singing in two long, focused sessions.  More information about vocal intensives here (scroll down).  Before purchasing this package, be sure to call and talk to us, as both you and we want to make sure there’s a fit.  Video of the singer is helpful for us to evaluate which teacher would be best and whether the singer is ready for an intensive.

To purchase, buy a gift card in the appropriate amount.
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Karaoke Recording Package (Denver) – $179

  • 2 voice lessons with Bobbie Sue, Emma, and/or Tyler
  • 2 hours of recording time with Justin
  • 1 mixed and mastered song

Who is this package good for?  Singers 14 and up who would like a well-recorded and well-mixed mp3 of themselves singing a cover song over an existing backing track (i.e. karaoke track).  Great for singers who would like to dip their toes into the studio recording experience.
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Gift Ideas

Gift Cards

Can’t decide?  Gift cards are valid for ALL services at Performance High – voice lessons, stage performance classes, performance showcases, artist development sessions, songwriting lessons, mixing, recording, and classes.

Not sure how much to spend?  A rough guideline is that $75 will buy at least one full lesson with most of our teachers, and if you want to be sure to cover all possibilities, $90 definitely covers every lesson type. 

Rates can be found here, or just give us a call at 303-819-0595 or and we’ll help you choose.

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