Screaming / Hard Rock Voice Lessons

Healthy Rock Vocal Training

Do your teen’s favorite genres include “core” in the name – deathcore, hardcore, metalcore?  Or does their favorite singing involve screaming, vocal fry, or distorted vocals?  Are you worried they’ll destroy their voice by singing their favorite hard rock, djent, or metal songs?

You’ll be glad to know it IS possible to sing these hard genres and still maintain excellent vocal health!  In fact, it’s possible to scream and sing with distortion with less physical effort than many other kinds of singing… but only if it’s done right.

We start with applicable classical foundations, to ensure proper breath support and airflow.  Only when the student is ready, we teach a specific vocal fry that underpins most distorted singing, and then move on to one or more various types of screams such as false cord screams, growls, or simply harsh tones, depending on their interests.

Singing powerful music that moves them keeps students engaged, growing, and building confidence.  At the same time, they learn life-long vocal habits that will protect their voice from risk and damage, whether they stay within the same genres or expand their interests later.

rock singer
hard rock girl

Your Teen Will Learn How To…

  • Engage proper breath support for vocal health
  • Place their voice properly to scream without damage
  • Combine screaming and clean singing
  • Expand their range to crazy heights
  • Use the microphone to distort vocals
  • Get more power with less strain
  • Polish pitches, riffs, and runs
  • Develop their unique sound
  • Feel more confident
  • Protect their vocal health

Online or In Person

For screaming lessons we prefer to work in person at our Denver or Broomfield studios, but if that’s not an option we can do lessons online via Zoom. $100-$500