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Performing in the Zone

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Nervous on stage?

Are you not performing your best?
…or not performing at all?

It’s frustrating to dream of being on stage and moving your audience… but to be hamstrung by your own thoughts and lack of confidence.

It’s frustrating to be told that the only way to be a better performer is to just keep at it.

It’s frustrating to know you have “it” in you, but not know how to bring “it” out in front of an audience!

It’s time to start enjoying gigs like a pro.

There’s a lot more you can do to feel comfortable, confident, and commanding on stage than just try to log a lot of stage time.  You can learn to be calm, cool and ready to perform in just ten seconds.  You can learn to have an unshakeable core of Deep Confidence, where you know you’ll be able to handle whatever happens.

Get Ready for Your Zen

Zen of the Stage:
Performing in the Zone

Zen of the Stage:  Performing in the Zone is a 2-DVD set that combines proven visualization and meditation techniques, down-to-earth gig preparation techniques, quick-fix tricks to overcome stage fright, and unique perspectives on how to allow the magic moment to happen.  

The Zen of the Stage shows how everyone has a clear, understandable path to finding capability, confidence, and ultimately transcendence on stage. 

I am a voice and performance coach, performing and recording vocalist, and past world-ranked athlete.  And I have suffered from stage fright. Badly enough to pass out cold on stage.  But now I love the stage.  
I found my way not just by logging stage time.  I took the mental techniques for peak athletic performance that took me to several records, national tournament wins, and seven years as a world-ranked waterskier, and translated them to peak performance for the stage.  The stage became a place of transcendence and super-reality, rather than a place of fear.  I would like to share these techniques with you.

Would you like to…

  • Tame your nerves
  • Be truly prepared for the stage
  • Perform at your peak… under pressure
  • Harness your nervous energy for good use
  • Love your time on stage, rather than just get through it
  • Be deeply confident… no matter what happens


What’s in it?

Six lessons packed full of information, stories, and techniques, as well as several audio and PDF downloads to help you on your journey.A small preview:

Peak Performance – What is peak performance?  Some of us know how it feels, but what is really going on mentally and physically?

Stage Fright – What is stage fright?  We know what it feels like, but what are the mental and physical indications?  Understanding what’s going on can help you deal with the symptoms.

Calming Techniques – Ways to reach a calm, relaxed, alert mental state where you can rewrite your own habits and behaviors.

Guided Visualizations – Downloadable mp3s to talk you through the processes of calming, anchoring, detachment, and centering.

Finding and Challenging Your Fears – Fear on-stage and fear off-stage are related.  Learn how to deal with fear off-stage and it will affect your comfort level on-stage.

How to Practice so You’re Prepared – There’s practicing, and there’s being prepared.  What’s the difference?  What are you NOT thinking of when you prepare your songs?  Confidence comes from preparation.

Building a Foundation for Confidence – More durable and deeper than quick-fixes, learn how to build a strong foundation so you know you can handle ANYTHING that happens.

Finding the Zone – You’re comfortable on stage.  Now it’s time to let “the zone” happen – that zone where everything flows, there’s a sense of magic or transcendence, and you’re living intensely in the moment.  This is THE reason many of us perform – don’t miss out!

Why get it?

1) So you can start enjoying your stage time.  The sooner you start, the sooner you get there. Stop dreading your gigs.

2) It’s not just for singers.  Many have used these techniques for keys, drums, or guitar at gigs.

3) It’s not just for the stage – it will affect your whole life.  Grandiose? Well, I’ve heard it over and over from my students.  The techniques they learn to find confidence and transcendence in high-pressure situations translate into the rest of life.

4) Members-Only Downloads.  Free access to:

  • Audio downloads to walk you through effective guided visualizations
  • Exercises for getting to the bottom of your stage fright
  • A list of the other resources mentioned throughout both DVDs

What They’re Saying

“I purchased Adrienne’s DVD set after just one vocal lesson with her. My husband and I have just started playing/singing together and performing at parties. I’ve always been deathly afraid to be the center of attention which presents challenges when being expected to perform for others. Adrienne takes ‘learning how to get over your stage fright’ to an entirely new level. Whether you are performing on stage, giving a presentation at work, giving a speech to a group of students or teaching a class, if you suffer from anxiety while being the center of attention for any duration of time, it’s applicable. I have found myself viewing each lesson a few times because I capture something new each time. Very thought provoking and powerful lessons from someone who has experienced first-hand what she’s presenting. Very nice work, Adrienne!”

 – Susan Baumgartner, vocalist

“The mental techniques that Adrienne provided took me from stage fright to stage might. With her help I was able to calm myself, release the fear-based tension that was causing me to make mistakes, and really enjoy my gigs. Thanks to Adrienne, I’m actually looking forward to my next gig!
 – Kevin Van Winkle, guitarist and vocalist 

“Any musician’s decision to use this DVD will cause you to be more confident and amazing on stage than you ever thought possible. In a few weeks, when you’re marveling at the profound effect of your newfound stage presence, you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t get the DVD sooner! Adrienne has captured the core of what makes you be confident, highly engaging, and empowered, both on and offstage.”

– Draven Grey, Rockstar Mindset

“Educational in an easy to understand and entertaining way. If you follow Adrienne’s program – do the exercises – it WILL work for you. I am saying this because I tried it. It’s also fun work!”

Johanneh Rudkilde, videographer

“I actually attended each session of this seminar while it was being recorded for the DVD release. As a singer, I’ve always been able to get up on stage and sing, but I’ve never had to add vibrato. I was always shaking so badly that the vibrato happened by itself. I was also never able to be present in the moment. My nerves were so bad that I would mentally escape to a happier place in my mind while on stage. As a result, I could never recall being on stage. After completing this seminar, I have become the performer I always thought I could be. I’m present when performing, I connect deeply with my audience and, most importantly, I am able to be creatively expressive on stage and interpret the song I’m singing from a place of presence. Adrienne Osborn is a powerful, practical and insightful guide through this program. It’s the most valuable investment I’ve ever made in my career. Buy this DVD right now!”

Mark Leach, vocalist

“Stage fright went from paralysis to pure excitement… and being in control on stage, being in control in the moment… It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store, and going wow, there are so many solutions here! What one resonates with me, what one do I want to try? And if that doesn’t work, I got eight more! There’s a lot, a LOT of valuable content…. Like most people I was kind of a geek on stage, at the beginning, really… I was not in my body… I don’t remember what I did, I don’t remember the thing at all, I went away. I don’t go away any more! And that’s the point, is to be there for that moment, it’s the best! And to improvise in the moment, and to be expressive in the moment: I did some things last night that I wasn’t really planning to take that far. And I did. Because I really wanted to, I was just, like, so into it. And that’s the goal, really, is to be the performer you always wanted to be. It’s incredible.”


Zen of the Stage DVD Volume 1:  Peak Performance  (Three lessons)
Zen of the Stage DVD Volume 2:  Finding the Zone   (Three lessons)

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