Latin / Spanish Voice Lessons for Teens

Top-Notch Vocal Training for Teen Singers of Latin Music

Sí, ofrecemos instrucción en español

Vocal styles change.  You may have noticed that your child’s favorite singers sound nothing like opera singers, musical theatre singers of the 40’s, or even pop singers of the 70’s!

To help our teen singers remain inspired by the voices of their favorite Latin artists, we use vocal techniques created by modern voice pioneers of the last 50 years – rather than the last 200.  

With relevant, fun, healthy, science-based vocal instruction, our young singers love sticking with us to show their friends and family how much they grow from showcase to showcase. Learning how to sing the songs they already love keeps kids coming back for more!

Without sticking slavishly to any one methodology, we use techniques grounded in the methods of the International Voice Teachers of Mix, Speech Level Singing, the Neuro-Vocal Method, Singing Success, and other modern, widely respected vocal frameworks for singing popular styles of music.

Our experienced, educated teachers – who all perform modern music themselves – understand that Latin music offers unique rhythmic challenges and also often breaks European classical vocal rules.  It’s okay to sing breathy, to scoop notes, to use vocal fry, to flip to head voice, to breathe in the middle of phrases, to over-pressurize, to pull chest voice up, to ad lib, and to belt – as long as vocal health is the top priority!

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Your Child Will Learn How To…

  • Sing across their whole range without a break 
  • Expand their range
  • Get more power with less strain
  • Improve their tone
  • Sing appropriately for their genre and personality
  • Polish pitches, riffs, and runs
  • Harmonize
  • Develop their unique sound
  • Feel more confident
  • Protect their vocal health

Teachers With Real World Experience

All of our faculty members are active working musicians, so our clients get real-life perspectives on being a vocalist in today’s music industry.

Online or In Person

We offer lessons in person in Denver and Broomfield, and for anyone anywhere via Zoom.

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morgan online lesson $40-$100