Teen Classes

Teens and pre-teens are welcome at ALL of our events and classes!  Our entire community is supportive and welcoming, whether 7, 17, or 70 years old.

But we also offer classes and performance opportunities just for teens 13-17 years old, so they can enjoy learning new skills and growing with other kids the same age.

Our teen class teachers have years of experience teaching in classroom and group settings both in private and public schools, and have a special affinity for working with teens.

Currently Scheduled Teen Classes

Songwriting – 7 Monday evenings in Denver starting Sep 13

Performing with Confidence – 7 Tuesday evenings in Denver starting July 13

Musical Theatre Performance Group – Planned to start in September 2021

Currently Scheduled Teen Performances

Teen Recital at Converge Workspace, June 12 2021

Registration opens 30 days before each class and closes 7 days before each class.

Want to Schedule By Phone?

Call or email us if you have any questions or would like to schedule!


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