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Recording Studio

We offer some of the most cost-effective, yet still high-quality, recording and production services available in Colorado with a producer/engineer who has helped many bands get signed to major labels, including his own, which was signed to Atlantic Records.

Artist-Centric Approach

Producer Justin Long is encouraging and friendly, and loves getting a solid understanding of an artist’s vision and then bringing that vision to life.  He is especially skilled at working with new artists who are new to the recording and production process.

Solo or Team Production

We can produce demos “in the box” in various styles from electronic pop to folk to rock, we can record live instruments in our Denver studio, we can help you record at home, or we can coordinate with an external recording studio and session musicians, depending on what your project needs.

Although Justin does play guitar, bass, drums, and keys, we also have access to Denver’s finest session musicians and can find the right players for your project, should you want to hire them. 

Some clients find that a combination of live musicians and high-quality sample libraries is ideal, but the ultimate decision depends on your genre, budget and personal preference.

Small to Large Projects

We work on projects as large as fully-instrumented full-length albums built from simple voice/guitar work tapes, to projects as small as a 1-hour recording session to lay a vocal over a backing track.

Free Consultation

Come talk to us to see if we’re the right choice for your recording project.  If we’re not, we will refer you to our favorite Colorado studios and producers across a range of price points.  We’re also happy to work together with other studios to tailor the best combination of in-house and outside recording locations.

Sample Projects

Donnie Schexnayder, Truth & Magic retro indie guitar rock EP:  Pre-production, production consulting for home recording, session musician selection, on-site production at outside studio

Stuart Shepherd, Colorado Country Country/Americana EP:  Pre-production, recording, production, and mixing

Casey Harding-Brown, various alt-pop singles:  Songwriting, pre-production, recording, production, and mixing.

Sonia Williams, full-length alt folk-rock album:  Pre-production, recording, production, and mixing

Kelly Augustine, full-length folk/americana album:  Pre-production

Lee Clark Allen, 5-song blues/R&B EP:  Pre-production, musician selection, studio selection

Jonathan Greschler, 16-song rock/pop album:  Songwriting, pre-production, musician selection, recording, production, mixing, mastering



By the Hour – $50

Vocal Demo – $99
Vocal track over acoustic guitar or a karaoke track. Includes recording, mixing, and mastering.

10-Hour Song Production Package – $347
Take a complete song from demo to finished product.  This package is for songs with lyrics and music already written.  It includes pre-production, recording, production, mixing, and mastering but not outside musicians.  If you want to use outside musicians, they are extra.

16-Hour Song Production Package – $497
Take a song from idea to finished product.  This package is for incomplete songs, or for song lyrics without accompanying music.  It includes songwriting, pre-production, recording, production, mixing, and mastering but not outside musicians.  If you want to use outside musicians, they are extra.

EP and Album Production Packages – Variable – A ballpark range for a 5-song EP may be around $1500-2500, although much depends on how well developed the songs currently are, how sparse or dense the instrumentation, whether you want live musicians or “in the box” production, how prepared your vocals are, etc.  Contact us to discuss.

We never take a percentage ownership of your song, no matter how much we help develop or write it. $40-$100