Studio Policies

We automatically charge for lessons monthly by credit card on the 1st of every month. The rate is the same every month, even when you get an extra lesson every third month. Your lesson fee is calculated based on the total annual cost for lessons, divided by 12.

If you need to take time off, you can bank or reschedule your lessons for future use, forfeit missed lessons, or terminate lessons entirely.

If you plan to stop lessons, tell the admin team at by the 25th of the month so we have time to cancel your next payment. We don’t offer refunds after monthly payments have processed.

We have a modest annual rate increase to cover cost-of-living increases and to ensure we can pay our teachers competitive wages as they gain more experience and education. Rates are available on our website. Your rate will stay the same for 12 months before any increase.

If you want to reschedule lessons around holidays, feel free to do so by scheduling with your teacher. You can also bank lessons that fall on holidays, to use them later.

We have a 72-hour cancellation window. If you let us know at least 72 hours in advance, you can reschedule lessons, or cancel them and keep them banked for future use. There are no credits or makeups for late cancellations, except in occasional cases of sudden-onset illness.

Feel free to ask for a sub if your regular teacher isn’t available for a reschedule. Many students find they benefit from the different teaching methods of different teachers.

We don’t reschedule for snow days. If you don’t want to drive on a snow day, you can do a lesson online.

Banked lessons are lessons you have paid for with your regularly monthly payment, but cancelled or rescheduled outside the 3-day cancellation window. Once the cancellation window has passed, you can no longer bank the lesson. Banked lessons must be used within three months, while you are still a paying client. Banked lessons can’t be used to extend a contract. For example, if you decide to terminate your contract as of July 31 and still have two banked lessons on your account, you need to take those banked lessons by July 31 or else lose them.

If your automatic monthly payment fails, you will not receive any lessons until you have paid. If you don’t pay by the 10th of the month, your contract will be terminated and all future lessons cancelled. Payments received after the 10th of the month incur a $50 late fee for reinstating your lesson schedule. $40-$100