Snow Days

We do live in Colorado where snow is a fact of life, so we don’t cancel lessons every time it snows a couple inches.  But once in a while we do get a serious snow day where the weather service recommends avoiding travel if at all possible.  On those days we want everyone to stay safe!

Here’s what to do on serious snow days.

  • Contact your teacher to see if you want to keep the lesson, reschedule, or cancel.  Skype and FaceTime can be an option if you want to keep the lesson but stay home. 
  • If you are paying monthly or by the term and can’t reschedule, we can either credit you one lesson worth on your next payment, or refund one lesson worth from your last payment.  It’s easier for us to credit forward, so that’s what we prefer.  But if you aren’t planning on continuing next month, we’ll issue a pro-rated refund.  Let RaeLynn know your preference at
  • If you are taking a class, the class will likely be rescheduled.  Reach out to your teacher if you haven’t heard from him/her first.

If you have any questions or have trouble getting ahold of your teacher, please contact us at 720-772-7505 or

Stay safe and warm!

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