Come Play With Us!

We firmly believe there is no better way to get better at your craft than to perform as often as possible.  Seasoned musicians say a single gig is worth ten rehearsals!  

And true to our studio name, we love the high of performing!  And not just because it’s fun.  It’s also transformational.  When you rise to a challenge, overcome fear, and develop confidence through teamwork and preparation, you grow and change.  Whether you perform as the lead singer in front of our professional band, play in a student band, or perform solo to a track or on guitar, our shows create lasting memories marking each stage of your transformation into the artist you dream of being.

We’re fortunate to have relationships with several premier Denver venues, including the Walnut Room, The Venue, and the Hard Rock Cafe, and we continue to develop additional relationships with venues that are happy to have our group perform publicly in their venues, sometimes even for pay!

What Are Showcases Like?

We now have two kinds of showcases:  acoustic showcases and live band showcases.  In addition, we are now developing invite-only opportunities for our most advanced artists to band together and play unpaid or paid “mini-gigs” at other venues, paving the way for them to become artists in the larger Denver music scene.

Showcases are supportive, fun experiences with enthusiastic audiences and top-notch production. 

Past showcase performances have featured covers of songs by such artists as David Bowie, Demi Lovato, Chris Stapleton, The Band, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, The Black Crows, Amy Winehouse, Elle King, Cream, Pat Benatar, Elvis Costello, Halsey, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Eva Cassidy, Madeleine Peyroux, Nathaniel Rateliff, Lady Antebellum, Kelly Clarkson, Duffy, the Fugees, Hozier, Panic! at the Disco, and Bishop Briggs – as well as many original songs.

For details on how showcases work, go here.

Upcoming Showcases

Check our calendar for upcoming acoustic and live band showcases.

Performance High Showcases

Show poster
Show poster
Show poster $40-$100