How Showcases Work

Who can perform at showcases?

Showcases are public shows at ticketed venues that we run about 8 times per year at venues like The Walnut Room, the Hard Rock Cafe, Lincoln Station, The Venue, and Herman’s Hideaway.  Our highest-profile showcases are invite-only or require an audition. 

Starting in 2020, we are offering two types of showcases:  acoustic showcases (self accompanied, track artists, or piano accompaniment) and full-band showcases.

It’s okay if you’re nervous or inexperienced – that’s natural!  These performances are an opportunity to get some “miles on the car” so you can go from studio singer to gigging artist.  But if you’re still working on singing on time or on pitch, it’s probably a bit early to sign up for a showcase. In that case, you might attend a class or workshop – or just keep taking lessons and practicing a bit more first!

Accompaniment and Fees

Performers can:

  • Sing to a track, self-accompany, bring an accompanist for $20/song
  • Hire our guitarist or keyboardist to accompany for $40/song, or
  • Sing with a full professional band with backup singers for $80/song.

Each performer may perform up to 3 songs per showcase depending on how many people sign up.  We try to get every singer at least one song.  Singers who register sooner have a better chance at more songs.

Showcase Dates

To see when the next showcase is, check out the calendar.

Tickets and Age Limits

Under-21 performers ARE allowed. Under-21 attendees are also allowed, until 9pm.  Showcase tickets are usually either free, or $5-10 depending on the venue.  Performers don’t pay, but families and friends do.  Performers are expected to bring at least a few people to watch them play.  We usually ask for each performer to bring 5-10 people.  We keep booking this gig because we always bring a good audience.  Plus, as a performer, it is your job to bring people to see you play.

Day-Of-Showcase Schedule

Performers who are accompanying themselves are welcome to show up to sound check before the show.  If you prefer to bring your own keyboard, you are welcome to, although it’s usually easier to just use our keyboardist’s 88-key weighted Roland synth.

Times vary from event to event, so be sure to check with us at  We always send details out by email, but do check with us if you didn’t see the email!

How to Register

We send an email to current clients inviting you to the next showcase about two months in advance.  Registration is open for one week.  The email has instructions on how to register.

Song Selection

We can play most anything, except heavily produced pop/EDM tracks.  We may reject a song if we know it won’t come off well live – but this rarely happens.  In that case, we can refund payment or you can select a new song.


Rehearsals are super fun!  Our professional musicians love playing this gig, because it’s new and different every time and everyone is so excited.  We provide an encouraging, safe, supportive environment and make you feel like a star. Most singers are nervous going into their first rehearsal, but come out of it pumped!

Rehearsals are for live-band performers and and for those accompanied by our guitarist or keyboardist.  They help the band and the singer gel, and the singer may get some light coaching as well.

Singers who hire the band get two rehearsals prior to the show.  Rehearsal dates are emailed out when we announce that registration for each showcase is open.  They are usually the two Thursdays preceding the showcase, but not always.  It’s OK if you can make only one rehearsal.  Singers are welcome to hang out and encourage other singers, or just sing during your scheduled time slot and leave.

Singers should have their songs completely memorized before the first rehearsal.

Each singer gets up to about 10 minutes of rehearsal per song, if needed, at each rehearsal.  (E.g. if you sign up for 3 songs, you get a 30-minute slot.)  If you can’t make it to one of the rehearsals, we can usually give you more time at the rehearsal you can attend. 


Contact us at 720-772-7505 or $40-$100