About Sami

Sami Davis is a Colorado grown professional singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has been gigging in the Denver area for over a decade. She has 13 years experience as a vocalist, 8 years experience as a dueling piano player, and 10 plus years experience as a performing musician. In 2015, Sami received a BS in Audio Production with a Vocal Performance emphasis from the University of Colorado, Denver.

Sami is passionate about singing and helping others reach their fullest potential with their own voice. Her many years taking singing lessons, working with teachers such as Mary Ann Kehler (the president of the International Voice Teachers of Mix), have given her the skills and experience needed to teach others. Sami’s bubbly and positive personality along with her passion for music create a welcoming and fun environment for voice lessons. 

Sami has been writing original music for the past two years, making top 10 for KTCL Channel 93.3’s “Hometown for the Holidays,” and being featured on Indie 102.3 during regular radio rotation. She also is the lead singer for a band called “Rocket Surgeons,” which has played sold out shows at venues around the Denver area, has millions of plays on spotify, and even has been selected to play “Film on the Rocks” at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre during the summer of 2023. If you’d like to follow Sami’s music career, you can click the following link:


Ingrid Parker, music instructor
Ingrid Parker, music instructor
https://performancehigh.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/PH-square-avatar.jpg $40-$100