About Rachel

Rachel has been performing in the Denver music scene for over a decade. She has experience performing and teaching classical, rock, pop, musical theater, and jazz. She has been a private instructor since 2013; additionally, she has taught in public school music programs for 5 years. 

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Music Education with an emphasis in vocal performance. Her most recent credential is certification as a  speech language pathologist assistant. At present, Rachel is working toward her IVTOM teacher accreditation.

Rachel’s most recent live performance work was with 1920’s gypsy swing group, Déjà Swing and dream-rock group, Echoes in Reverie. Currently, she is working as a studio artist.

As part of her teaching philosophy, Rachel believes that music is for everyone. Whether a person labels themself (or has been labeled) gifted or not, she encourages the pursuit of a creative outlet. Being a great vocalist or instrumentalist is a skill that can be nurtured. If given the time, attention, and exploration, anyone can develop exceptional skills.

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