We work with many teens and adults who have busy schedules, and we understand it can be tough to commit to many lessons at once.  So, unlike some music schools which require a nonrefundable month or semester of up-front tuition, our A La Carte and Weekly Flex lesson options operate with only a one-week cancellation policy and no commitment.  

If you prefer to take advantage of the lower lesson rates offered in the Monthly Pass option, you agree to take four months of weekly lessons (four lessons per month).  During holidays, it is your responsibility to work with your teacher to ensure you reschedule lessons to still complete four lessons per month.  Monthly Passes are not pro-rated.

Please note that we do require payment for no-shows or same-day cancellations.  When you book a lesson or consultation, you are reserving both the studio and the teacher, preventing both from being used for other activities during the lesson time – regardless of whether you attend your lesson or not.  We appreciate your understanding! 


If you pay by credit card, we often wil charge your card the morning of the lesson so that we can identify any billing issues before your lesson rather than spend time dealing with billing during your lesson.  If you pay by cash or check, you can pay your teacher directly at your lesson.

If you do not show up to a lesson, you are still liable for the lesson fee.  If you pay by credit card, we will make every attempt to communicate with you – usually several attempts over a week or two – to understand what happened before charging your card.  If you pay by cash or check, you will need to pay for the missed lesson by card or PayPal before booking your next lesson.


Scheduling a lesson constitutes a contract between the student and Performance High. Lessons are not cancelled for weather unless Denver schools (for Denver lessons) or BVSD (for Lafayette lessons) are also cancelled. Even if school is cancelled, we reserve the right to hold lessons if we believe driving conditions are safe. Lessons are not cancelled for sickness except extreme cases such as the flu.  If you wake up the morning of your lesson with a light cold, please remember that we can work on ear training, rhythm training, music theory, song analysis, genre differences, sight reading, analysis of other singers’ voices, or other topics that will further your development as a vocalist.

Students will be charged for any lessons they miss. Lessons will only be rescheduled in the event the INSTRUCTOR must reschedule the lesson.


We refund unused, pre-paid lessons on request. 

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