Online Lessons

Teacher and student on Zoom

“Online lessons have been great for Kali for several reasons.  First, amid the ever-changing world of COVID restrictions, the weekly lessons have remained a constant for Kali and because of that she continues to grow and progress in her singing.  Second, the online lessons have generated a more focused Kali, which is something I didn’t know could be possible.  Adrienne has done a fantastic job creating an online lesson environment.”

– Mia H.

“You may think online vocal lessons could be unproductive, and you might even feel anxiety about them.  I felt this way initially, and thought they were going to be a waste of money.  Was I wrong! 

It did take a couple lessons to get into the swing of things, but they’ve helped me improve in areas I didn’t expect.  

Online lessons have forced me to listen with more focus and awareness.  That part has been an amazing transformation for me.  My ear has gotten better, I’m more aware of placement, and I’ve been able to connect more emotionally to the songs.  I’ve also been able to explore more of my range and breath control, and overall just become more well-rounded. 

So if you are hesitating to try online lessons, don’t.  Give it a couple lessons, engage in it, listen and I assure you it will help you continue with your vocal progress.  It has for me!”

– J.C. Allen

Teacher and student on Zoom

We have offered online lessons for years.  In fact, some of the best lessons our teachers have ever taken during our training have been online, because that’s the best way to access global mentors.  But now, more of our lessons are online than ever before. And some students like them even better!

How Online Lessons Work

We primarily use Zoom, but FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts can work well too.

You don’t need any special equipment.  You can use a laptop, a tablet, or even just your phone.

If you plan to sing to a karaoke track and you’re using a mobile device, we recommend having two devices – but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Advantages of Online Lessons

While we do prefer in-person lessons, there are some advantages to online lessons:

No driving or parking!  Save time and money by taking lessons from the comfort of your own home.

Recording your lesson on video is easier than in person, because in Zoom we can record directly to the cloud and then send you a link afterward.  No need to transfer huge video files person-to-person.  You can better see what you’re doing, and easily refer back to breakthroughs.

You can continue working on your song or exercises immediately after your lesson, because you’re already warmed up and aren’t rushing off to go to the next place.

You can see yourself singing, so you can get instant feedback on posture, mouth shape, assisting movements, and visible tension.

Ear training. Since we use call-and-response rather than a synchronous format for exercises, you will get more ear training than in a typical in-person lesson.

Tips for Great Online Lessons

While we can do effective lessons without any special setup at all, here are some tips to improve the experience.

Have a Second Device Handy to Play Your Track – Especially if you’re on a mobile device.

Charge Your Devices – it’s no fun to stress over a dying battery!

Cue Up Your Tracks – If you know which songs you’re going to work on, you can cue up tracks before the lesson starts. 

Fast Internet – Be on WiFi if possible, not cell service.  Even better, hard-wire into your router.

Plenty of Bandwidth – If you run into bandwidth issues, ask family or roommates to pause watching movies or gaming during your lesson.

Zoom Settings – During your first lesson, if there are any issues your teacher may walk you through changing a setting or two.

Find a Good Place to Have Your Lesson – Try to find a place with a little privacy where you can stand AND place your device at chest or eye level. 

Be Patient.  If you’re new to online lessons, there might be one or two things to iron out at first. But it usually doesn’t take long, and then you’re set! $40-$100