Learn the Secrets to Contemporary Singing

Land the gig of your dreams by singing with freedom, power, and unmistakable style

Introducing Nail Every Note

Nail Every Note is a membership site for contemporary vocalists.

It’s packed with lessons, demonstrations, explanations, and exercises – as well as a forum where you can ask questions and get personal help.

Get the Voice You Want

Whether you dream of being a rock singer, pop singer, R&B singer, country singer, musical theatre singer, folk singer, or anything in between, you’ll learn to balance your voice.

Get More Opportunities

Land that gig.  Join that band.  Pass that audition.  Record that album.  When you can rely on your voice, you can rely on opportunities coming your way.

Learn At Home, But Not Alone

Whether you opt for an occasional private lesson or just get advice in the forum, you have experts to lean on.

Top-Notch Instruction

Not all vocal instruction is the same.  We know a lot more about the voice than we did even twenty years ago.  Nail Every Note is up to date and constantly evolving with vocal science.

Constantly Growing

As a membership site, Nail Every Note is constantly growing to respond to the needs of our members.  Want a specific warmup routine? Just ask for it.

No Commitment

Payment is monthly, and you can cancel at any time.  There’s no minimum commitment or cancellation fee.  And we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Optional Private Lessons

Want a little one-on-one guidance?  For a little more, you can get a half-hour lesson every month.

Stay Motivated

Our clients love the accountability of this program.  A community of singers, online performance opportunities, and your monthly lesson with a Nail Every Note vocal coach will keep you accountable, motivated, and making progress.

https://performancehigh.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/PH-square-avatar.jpg $40-$100