Music Business Seminar

Music Business Seminar

How Artists Make Money in the New Music Industry

The music industry has changed radically in the last fifteen years.  Gone are the days of getting discovered by a label, getting signed, and having an experienced industry team navigate the waters for you.  Now, the music business is a do-it-yourself model for most successful, working musicians.

This seismic shift has opened up both new opportunities and new challenges for artists.  There are more resources available for the DIY artist than ever before… but where do you start, and how do you know what to focus on as your career evolves?

In this fast-paced half-day seminar, we’ll cover:

  • The true numbers behind streaming, mechanical, and digital payments
  • How and when to copyright your songs
  • How to make money by playing your music
  • How to submit your music to stores (for compensation)
  • How to get music on the radio, into movies, or on TV
  • How to utilize the newer channels such as Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Apple Music
  • Which channels and outlets are right for you
  • The rules regarding cover songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook, so your account doesn’t get shut down.
  • How to select a PRO (Performing Rights Organization), and get in-person help navigating their websites to register your account and your first work
  • Work for Hire agreements for studio musicians
  • How to spot expensive scams

Join Performance High’s artist development coach Justin Leighton Long for a seven-week class that gives you an overview of the main income streams in today’s music industry, how to build them, and how to avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars through bogus “opportunities”.  Justin has over twenty years of experience in the old and new music industries, both as an artist with Atlantic Records and as the music business coach to scores of up-and-coming artists 

Music Business 101: How Artists Make Money in the New Music Industry

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Registration & Schedule

April 19, 2020, 1-5pm

$30 adv, $35 day of (if there are still spots available)

Performance High’s Denver studio 1 at Soundstructure Studios
3131 Walnut Street, Denver CO 80214.
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Classes are strictly limited to 10 people.

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About Justin Long

Justin Leighton Long is a musician, engineer and record producer who has worked in various styles including blues, country, rock, rap and pop. Justin was a founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter for the band No Address. No Address released Time Doesn’t Notice on Atlantic Records, with their debut single “Sadie (When I’m Gone)” standing at #11 on the Billboard Radio charts for 22 weeks. No Address toured North America extensively and Justin’s compositions have been featured in feature films and television series, as well as continuing to maintain airplay around the world, (as a fun fact) recently reaching #1 on the college radio charts in Bosnia.

As a recording engineer and producer Justin has worked for bands signed to labels including Atlantic, Elektra, Immortal, Wind Up, Curb, Blind Bat, S-Curve, Victory, Blues Legacy and J Records.

“There are very few schools that […] dispense knowledge in a practical manner that is useful AND AFFORDABLE to an indie artist like myself.  With regards to my sessions with Justin, the breadth and depth of his expert instruction is thorough, easy to comprehend, logical, and compassionate. He exceeds my expectations (read: value=more bang for your buck). I always leave super excited to implement his methods!” – Savy Som


“After working with Justin for just a few weeks, my brand and imagery were dialed in, I had several effective strategies and goals in place, and I was beginning to feel suspiciously like a professional musician. The long-term value of his “Artist Development” coaching cannot be overstated; I still meet with him regularly because of his clear minded and versatile approach. He has an ear and a sense of the industry that’s very hard to come by, and I’ve gone out of my way to recommend his services to all the musicians I know.” – Alden Groves $40-$100