Live Video Recording

New in winter 2020-21

This winter is a great time to make media.  If you have updated audio and video, you’ll have a better chance to land new opportunities when live music comes back in full force!
Normally, making a live video is a time-consuming and expensive project.  The Legend Makers promo video cost $3500 to shoot and edit, and most professional quotes for live video at shows are at least a few hundred dollars for multi-camera raw footage with no edits. (And you only get one take when you record a live show, so you better get it right the first time!)
On the other hand, you can easily shoot a great video on your phone – as long as you get the lighting, framing, and audio right.  It can certainly be done, but it’s a lot to think about when you also have to focus on a good performance, and you need extra interfaces and software if you want to mix your voice and instrument separately and add effects.
This winter, we’re offering a service that falls right in the middle.  By using our newer-model iPhones, the same gear and software we use for studio recording, our concert lights, and OBS live streaming software, we offer a quick and affordable way to get a great-looking and great-sounding video with no headache and at a very affordable rate.

How it Works

On each shoot date, we will set up lights, cameras, and microphones, and then film several singers according to the time slots scheduled.  Each singer will do several takes of their song and we’ll pick the best mix to tape.  We’ll edit video on the fly in OBS.  And if you want to decorate the studio with your own special touch, we welcome you to do so!
Date:  Our first shoot date is Friday December 11 from 4pm to 10pm.  We can accommodate 4-6 songs.  Time slots are 1 hour per song if you want to use our existing backdrop (as seen in the video on this page), and 1.5 hours per song if you want to decorate the studio.
Accompaniment:  We can record several musicians, but no loud instruments such as drum kits, horns, or loud electric guitars because of the difficulty isolating them in a live environment.  For example, you could accompany yourself, hire an accompanist, sing to a track, or hire a cajon/bass/guitar trio.
Decor:  Background design is up to you.  You’re welcome to bring in lamps, potted plants, DJ lighting, a different background to hang from our banner frames, streamers, rope lights, or anything else you can think of!  If you can set it up in a half hour with our help, let’s do it!  Or, to save time and money, you can use the grey curtain with colored lighting that you see in the demo.
Schedule:  Sign up for an hour slot if you’d like to use our existing design, or an hour and a half slot if you want to decorate the studio.  After you decorate the studio, we’ll spend 15 minutes dialing in your sound and 30 minutes doing multiple takes of your song.  We’ll all agree which take was the best, and within the next week we’ll mix the audio of that take, match it with multi-camera video, and boom! You have a video!
Multiple Songs:  You’re welcome to do multiple songs – just sign up for multiple time slots.  You can use the same decor for all songs, or add 30 minutes to switch up the look between songs.  
Cameras:  Our cameras are newer iPhones. We currently have two iPhones, so we can shoot two camera angles. If you have a newer iPhone, we can use it as a third camera angle.  Let us know in advance so we can arrange to install and test the software needed on your phone.
Fees:  $125 includes 15 minutes of testing sound, 30 minutes to record several takes of a single song, and 30 minutes at a later date for mixing audio and syncing it to video.  If you’d like to schedule a 30min block for stage decor setup, add $30 for a total of $155.
Signing Up:  Email Adrienne at with how many songs you’d like to do, whether you’d like to decorate the room, whether you will be providing a third iPhone for a third camera angle, your input list (i.e. the full list of voices and instruments we will need to record) and the time you are available on the shoot date. $40-$100