The Legend Makers

*** NEXT SHOW:  Sun Apr 9 at The Venue***

While our showcases are an opportunity for our current clients to perform anything they like solo or with a live band, we also have another version of the same band available to everyone, client or not:  the Legend Makers.

The Legend Makers are the public version of the Performance High showcase band.  Instead of learning client favorites for each performance, the Legend Makers have a long (and growing) list of songs we already know that you can choose from.   And the best part?  There’s no fee to perform with us, other than the door cover at the venue!

The Legend Makers are great for corporate events, corporate team-building, corporate retreats, retirement and birthday parties, and other celebrations.  

For more information about the Legend Makers or to sign up to be notified when we have gigs, visit the Legend Makers website.


UPDATE: We have made a few changes due to the coronavirus. Please read below.
SONGS PER PERSON: We are lifting the limit of one song per person. Each singer can now perform up to three songs.
CASH PRIZES: We will award cash prizes only if we have at least 30 song signups. If we have fewer than 30 songs, winners will receive $25 off their bar tab instead of a cash prize.
MEDIA: We will still have professional photography available for $10 (instead of $20), but we will not have videography.
DAY-OF REGISTRATIONS: No longer available. Registration deadline is August 4.
REHEARSAL: Tentative new date of Saturday April 8 at 2:30pm in Denver. Contact if you’d like to attend.
SONG LIST: We play 145 songs in many genres and decades. See the full list at
TO SIGN UP: Venmo $10 to @Adrienne-Osborn (no e on the end) or $Cash to $PerfHigh. If you know which song you want to sing, put it in the note. Feel free to follow up via email to to make sure we received your entry.
CUSTOM SONGS: If you’d like to sing something not on our list, add $30 (total of $40). **We reserve the right to approve or decline new songs.** We can approve only FIVE new songs for this show, all others must come from the standard repertoire.
HOW MANY SINGERS? 36 songs total for the night. Up to 3 songs per singer.
CAN I SIGN UP AT THE EVENT? No. Registration closes on Aug 4.
PROFESSIONAL MEDIA: We will have a professional photographer there to capture your performance. The Venue has a large stage and great lighting system, so this is a great opportunity to get some updated, vibrant media for yourself! If you’d like to get photos, it’s $20, nonrefundable, payable to @Adrienne-Osborn or $PerfHigh.
PRIZES ($50 cash if we have at least 30 songs sold, otherwise $25 off your tab):
– Best Vocals
– Best Performance
– Crowd Favorite
CorporateBand_lo res 123
CorporateBand_lo res 124 $40-$100