The Legend Makers

While our showcases are an opportunity for our current clients to perform anything they like solo or with a live band, we also have another version of the same band available to everyone:  the Legend Makers.

The Legend Makers are the corporate version of the Performance High showcase band.  Instead of learning obscure favorites for each performance, the Legend Makers have a long (and growing) list of songs we already know that you can choose from.   The Legend Makers are great for corporate events, corporate team-building, corporate retreats, retirement and birthday parties, and other celebrations.   We welcome not only amateur vocalists to front the band, but also guitarists and keyboard players.  Hire the Legend Makers for your next corporate event and let your colleagues show off sides their co-workers never knew existed!

We also open certain Performance High showcases up to the world for anyone to perform with us – and in that case you’re performing with the Legend Makers!  To find out when we have an open showcase, ask us to add you to our monthly mailing list by dropping a line to

For more information about the Legend Makers, visit the Legend Makers website.

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CorporateBand_lo res 123 $40-$100