About Kristin

Kristin Henry trained to be a classical singer and voice teacher at the College of Music at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, receiving Bachelors degrees in both Vocal Performance and Music Education. After Master-level work in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance at the prestigious University of Colorado at Boulder College of Music, she opted to use her vocal talents in a more commercial venue, as a founding member of local R&B cover band, Girls On Top!, with whom she continues to rock Boulder over the last 18 years. In addition, she has lent her considerable talents to many area bands and musical groups, including The Jacob Larson Band and Boulder Big Band. She has also performed in theatrical productions with Actors Ensemble in Boulder, CO, including the award-winning regional premier production of Quilters.

Making the transition from high soprano to belter provided Kristin with a full appreciation of the variety of vocal registers and productions, and convinced her that a solid vocal foundation is necessary for any style of singing. In her teaching, she integrates her experiences in a safe, fun, and energetic environment, combining the best techniques from both the classical and commercial worlds, to promote singers’ confidence in the beauty of their instrument, regardless of musical genre.


Kristin’s Teaching Philosophy

“My job is to help you discover your ideal voice, and to give you the tools to find it on command with consistency and ease. To accomplish this, I will ask you to become the Compassionate Observer of your own voice. Singing well with reliability is so challenging because your body is your instrument, and your body is a fluid entity that changes from day to day, based on how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you ate for breakfast this morning! The key to successful singing is to learn to listen to or feel the minute changes in your voice, and to make adjustments to your technique accordingly. You experience consistent success when you learn to pay attention to what is happening with your body while you sing – your breathing mechanism, your resonance tract, your face and posture; the functioning of these components become conscious choices at first, then eventually become muscle memory. You must learn to take note of what is and is not working, and most importantly, you must learn to do all this without judgment and self-criticism!

“My studio is the safest place to try new things, iron out issues, and attempt what you’ve been afraid will not work – because here you have me to tell you if it won’t work, or why it hasn’t been working and how to make it work! I tell my students that my studio is like your yoga mat; it’s a place to practice new skills in the presence of a knowledgeable teacher, who is watching to make sure you don’t get hurt, and that you only stretch yourself to your capabilities. Then you take the practice that you’ve cultivated on your mat, and apply it with confidence in the world. If you fall over once or twice in the process, it’s no big deal! So, go ahead and crack. Go for that note you never thought you could hit. Be brave, sing out, and see what happens. We will meet each challenge that comes up with knowledge, compassion, and humor. Together, we are going to find your voice.”

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