About Kristen

Client Services Manager, Wellness Practitioner, Senior Vocal Coach

Kristen began her music life at age nine by taking piano lessons and writing songs. She spent many years in various school choirs and musical theater productions, notably in the role of Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” and Rosie in Carole King’s “Really Rosie”, winning awards in theater competitions. At age 17 she began to teach young musicians through musical theater camps and children’s choirs. 

A songwriter since she was an adolescent, she co-founded The Speaking, a local Denver band, in 2012, and co-wrote and recorded the album “Louder” at Evergroove Studios in Evergreen, CO in 2014, and is currently working on a solo album.  

Kristen has obtained Performance High’s vocal coach certificate after completing their proprietary training program, and is currently studying to get her vocal coach accreditation with IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix). She loves the well-rounded, deeply technical vocal coaching education in both programs which help her bring scientific knowledge to the production of sound in the vocal instrument. She is also enrolled with the University of Edinburgh for music theory studies.  

As Kristen is also a wellness and life coach, she brings strong intuitive and personal coaching skills to help singers feel comfortable growing and challenging themselves in a safe space.  And as a certified massage therapist, her detailed anatomical knowledge helps her identify sources of physical imbalance and tension that affect the singing voice. 

As Kristen continues her life of music, her passion for helping others find their musical path only continues to grow.  She has used music throughout her life to connect with others and help them feel seen.  Whether teaching adults or children, she loves instilling a deep love of music and the creative process and works with her students to fulfill their musical goals, whatever they may be. 

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