About Ingrid

Ingrid Parker is a multi-talented musician and songwriter who has been
teaching music for over 15 years.

She developed a love of music at a young age when she sang in school choir and played French horn in school band. It didn’t take her long to realize that music was her lifelong calling. She attended the University of Arizona for a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, where she learned to play and teach wind, percussion, and string instruments. She later attended Sam Houston State University for a master’s in Instrumental Conducting.

After many years of teaching students of all ages across diverse
demographics, Ingrid wanted to revisit her love of singing and to
explore the skill of songwriting. Performance High was the perfect
place for those endeavors. Ingrid has studied with them for nearly
four years. After many lessons and classes, Ingrid has released two
singles under her artist name, “The Talisman”, and is excited to
be a vocal coach trained at Performance High.

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Ingrid Parker, music instructor
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