Free Jam Sessions

NEW, STARTING MAY 22 2019:  Free Jam Sessions for Performance High singers!

If you’re taking lessons or classes at Performance High and want to get more time singing with a live band, come to our free jam sessions every other Wednesday night (more or less) in Denver Studio 1, 7-9pm!  The band will include Justin on guitar or drums and Adrienne on bass or keys, with rotating drummers and guitarists – including you guys!

This is a casual, fun way to get some experience singing with a live band – very similar to experience you might get at an open jam.

(There are lots of great open mics and open jams around town, and we encourage you to network and get experience by attending them too!)

Jams take place every other Wednesday, gig schedule permitting, starting May 22.   Arrive any time during 7-9pm.  Check the calendar for dates.

Ask to join the FB group if you’re a current student and want to collaborate or just toss out some song ideas.  It helps if you can let us know in advance what you want to sing.  We can’t play everything; simple, very well-known songs are your best choices for this (and any other) jam. We can also just try stuff on the spot if you get an idea while you’re hanging out.

Location: 3131 Walnut St, Denver 80205.  Studio 1. Text Adrienne upon arrival to get in.

Song List:  See Spotify Playlist Below

Charts:  Link available in the FB group

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