Free Jam Sessions

Brand new jam sessions for 2021!

While our showcases are a great way to sing any song you want, our new 2021 jams are fun, casual events designed give you the real-world experience you’ll need to land a position in a working band, shine at open mics, or just get more comfortable singing in a live environment!

Each bi-weekly jam has a theme – dance hits, the Rolling Stones, Beatles songs, folk rock, country, 80’s and 90’s hits, open mic standards, and more.  The song list for each jam will be available well in advance.

Jam with us and you’ll…

  • get comfortable performing in a fluid, un-rehearsed situation
  • learn standard repertoire to show you’re a serious vocalist ready to work
  • learn how to direct and communicate with a band
  • enjoy hanging out and performing live music in a safe space with our supportive community

How it works

  1. Check the calendar and find a jam you want to sing at.
  2. Learn some of the songs on the list for that jam.
  3. Register no later than a week in advance.
  4. Show up to Converge, hang out, network, and sing!

Studio members:  Free
Non-members:  $20

Converge Denver, 3327 Brighton Blvd, Denver CO 80216

COVID-19 Safety
Converge is a large, high-ceilinged co-working space with windows, a garage door opening to mountain views, and an HVAC system that recycles air every five minutes.  We will always follow current COVID protocols in effect, such as social distancing, masks, and limited or staggered attendance.

Every other Thursday 7-9pm starting Jan 14, 2021

Song List
Each jam has a theme such as the Beatles, country music, blues, dance hits, folk rock, and more.  The link to the Spotify playlist for each jam will be on the studio calendar.

How to Sign Up
Registration will open in January.  Registration for each evening closes when we hit whatever limit is in effect for gatherings at the time.

20429669_1617470821638069_6297967144425599546_n $40-$100