Class Registration

This page is for group class registration only.
To register for private lessons, please contact us so we can help you select the right teacher.

Covid-19 Safety

We are observing the following safety precautions for classes, plus additional safety precautions posted in all our studios.
  • Limit of 5 people per class, instead of 10
  • Musicians wearing masks during rehearsals
  • Doors open and fans on during lessons, if possible
  • Disinfecting before and after classes
  • Observance of occupancy limits and social distancing for rehearsals and performances, as they change throughout the summer

Registration Periods

Registration opens one month before each class starts. Registration for in-person classes closes one week before class.  Registration for online classes closes one day before class. (Most summer 2020 classes have been cancelled.)

Classes starting more than 30 days from now don’t display on this registration page, but you can learn about them on the One-Day Classes and the Multi-Week Classes pages. 

All classes are open to the public. 

Membership price is available to students taking private lessons on automatic monthly payment plans. $40-$100