Summer Camps

We offer two week-long performance bootcamps in July – one for teens and one for kids. Each bootcamp is five fun, intensive half-days and each pair of them culminates in a weekend performance, optionally performing with a live band!


Both camps are run by Justin and Emma.   Justin is the primary instructor for the teen camps, and Emma is the primary instructor for the kids’ camps.  Learn about Justin and Emma on their teacher pages.


Camps are $285/week.  Showcase performances are free for track artists, $35/song for guitar or piano accompaniment, and $85/song for full band accompaniment.

How to Register

Click on the “Register Now” link below or at the bottom of the page.  You don’t need to pay for showcase performances at this time; we will discuss what kind of accompaniment is best for your child or teen.  Contact Adrienne at or 303-819-0595 if you have any questions before registering.
Get ready to have fun!

What You’ll Learn

– How to prepare for a performance:  Mental preparation, warm up techniques, and establishing a routine

– Microphone use:  How to handle it both on the stand and off

– Using body language to communicate with your audience

– Movement:  How to move on stage, and how to use blocking to visually balance your stage

– Moment:  How to create exciting moments for your show, not just play songs

– How to develop a performance plan

– How to talk on stage:  How to tell stories, how to introduce yourself and your songs… and when to stop talking!

– How to work with a band

– Learning to move with purpose:  Why do we move to a certain side of the stage, lift one hand, etc.?

– Emotional point of view:  In which parts of the song are you talking to yourself, one person, or the whole crowd

– Breaking down lyrics to understand the meaning you want to communicate

– How to transform your performance into a show:  branding, personality, attire, tastemaking, etc.

– Nerves and mistakes:  How to deal with them professionally

– Professional development:  How to prepare for a gig and how to act once you get there

– Owning your inner rockstar! Figuring out what you are, what you stand for, and the music you want to perform!

Summer Camps

Teen Performance Bootcamp
For teens 13-18.
July 17-21, 12-4pm
M-Th classes at 3131 Walnut Street, Studio 1
Friday class offsite at a location with full stage 

Kids Performance Bootcamp
For kids 12 and under.
July 24-28, 12-4pm
M-Th classes at 3131 Walnut Street, Studio 1
Friday class offsite at a location with full stage
Live Band Rehearsals (for live-band performers)
Tue July 25 and Thu July 27, 6-9pm
3131 Walnut Street, Studio 1
Showcase Performance (for everyone)
Saturday July 29
Location: Broadway Music School, Main Stage $40-$100